Friday, March 27

it's hard to do it right

They are really hard to photograph in a nice way...

I'll give it another try next week! Now I'm off to the woods with my cat and a friend! see you on Monday! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, March 25

A project is finished in one day!

It's not often that I show a project that I want to do and then show the finished result....No, I'm all about starting a new projects and never finishing...But today is an exception!

I'm soon off to work, but enjoy this fine Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24

a little project

Today I have a little project...For quite a while I have wanted to do this patchwork wreath tutorial here are the spring coloured fabrics I've choose for today. Hopefully there will be a finished project by the end of the day...

Sunday, March 22

mini apples!!

mini apples!!
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
these mini apples are hopefully going to be in my Etsy shop by the end of the week. They are little happy bundles of joy, ready to be hung on branches for spring!

They are so much fun to make. I've made them out of fabric scraps and I just keep on making them!;-) Spring is getting closer....

Saturday, March 21

A sign of spring?

Something cute for you to rest your eyes on. Picasso in my bicycle basket, watching birds and feeling the wind in his fur. Today we are going to a concert, see more here: Laleh

Tuesday, March 17

egg cosy-inspiration

This Easter I want to make egg warmers for the whole family! Here are some cute inspiration. Flickr aren't perfect, so for some reason these pictures didn't want to be in my mosaic!

Can you believe this: Blogging twice in one day!!

Finally a free Tuesday!

Lately I've been working on my free Tuesdays, but not today! I have several pictures on the computer dating back several show.

I bought a vintage button mould and some candy wafers from this shop: Bake it pretty and followed this easy peasy tutorial!

and may I just add, these goodies were gone in a second and I let no one taste them! :-)

Monday, March 9

All the cool kids are doing it....

I'm on twitter! Or I', trying to figure it out....Join in too!
and I'm swapping again! Soon I'll be back in the game!

Sunday, March 8

I long for spring!

I work a lot these days...So that's why I haven't been around here...But I do take a lot of picture, so when all this working is over with I have a lot to show you! I the mean time, look at these beautiful springy pictures!

have a nice Sunday night!


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