Tuesday, February 26

Ceramic Tuesday

I made a new pair of light holders last Monday. This is made in a new clay, a paper clay which is thinner and really easy to work with. With this clay you can make little delicate things and i love how the "walls" look a little bent and and irregular. Because the clay is so thin it's hard to get the glaze to stick to the clay, that explains the grainy look.

This is all for me!

Monday, February 25

Back to work...

I'm back to work this week but thought I'd still keep the blogging mode. Since I've not been able to craft like I used to with this whole moving and stating to work- thing. I've bought a lot of crafting material and hand made things on etsy and Dawanda. So, I'd thought I show some of the nice things I've gotten in the mail lately.

Three catnip hairballs (one is already eaten...) from the lovely Felicia at Fluffy Flowers
This lovely green polka dot fabric is from a shop called The secret garden. I can't wait to start sewing again!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 22

A day with my mother

The last day of spring/winter break I spent with my mother, in Copenhagen! We went shopping, had some good tea and an even better lunch. I bought a beautiful dress form Noa noa for a wedding we are attending later this spring. (you'll see pictures later when I have the complete outfit ready) Some little things for my craft room and a new electric water boiler for the kitchen! From this British company.

This is inside the wonderful store gronlykke.com filled with fabric swatches and fabric rolls. It's a miracle that I didn't buy anything in here. I guess there was just too much!
Fabric! Fabric! Fabric!
Me and my mother walking with our shopping bags!
A little spring inspiration!
We had tea at a Japanese tea house in the middle of Copenhagen. I had a lovely white tea and a chocolate tart! On the train home I read about this exact tea house in a magazine and there was the website as well!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 21

Inspiration: Thursday

Before Christmas I ordered my very first Japanese crafting magazine from this little shop over at etsy. I have been drooling over it ever since and i thought I'd show you what is on top of my list of things to sew!

This pretty bag would be perfect as my spring bag!
I've been wanting to do covers for my notebooks forever! Also it would be perfect a little gift!
A travel pouch is much needed for all the travels I'm going to make this year! ;-)
This I don't think I'll ever make, but you never know! And it's awfully cute!

Tuesday, February 19

Ceramic Tuesday

I haven't had ceramic Tuesdays in ages. But I started my ceramic class as usual this semester. I've been more productive these first couple of classes than I was all last semester. I've promised myself that I'm going to be more careful and don't finish so fast. I can sometimes be very inpatient in the process and then often be dissatisfied with the result. This little lady is not very pretty but I'm very pleased with how she came out :-)

Monday, February 18

My Monday

It's spring break here this week and I have a whole week off work! This is the week that I starting to blog again :-)

To be sure that I will make the most out off my free time, I make lists! With a little box so that I can tick off the things that I do. It's O so satisfying!
This renovating it not always so messy and tedious. Choosing the colours for the walls is fun. This is the colour palette that inspires me at the moment. I also made this mosaik over at flickr! I think it's the spring feelings that are taking over my mind!
I set up this temporary desk in my messy crafting room. The board is resting on two chairs. Here I'll spend most of my time this week, crafting...O I have missed that!

See you soon!

Sunday, February 17

still living in a mess...

Hi there! Here's two before and during pictures of the hallway. My project is painting the staircase at the moment....Which is a tedious task. I wound much rather work on some fun knitting projects me and a friend was planing over coffee this afternoon:-)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, February 2


OK, we have now moved out of the old apartment. So we only have one apartment to think about. But the new place still looks like a mess...we now have one room where we have the computer, a bed and it's all clean. When you open the door out to the rest of the apartment you are meet with a miserable sight and on top of that, everything is covered with building dust!
well, I guess we'll survive this:-)

Here's the calender spread for February that I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. I'm hoping to do more blogging this month than I did in January. Take care all you nice people out there!


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