Wednesday, June 24

Picasso & Emil

Picasso is at his grandmother and I miss him a little...He probably don't miss me becouse he has Emil to play with and are more or less in heaven! I'm repainting our staircase over here and we thought that a little nosy cat would not be a good idea to have around paint...He will be back home whenever I'm finished and at the momen it feels like it's going to take a while!

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Tuesday, June 23

midsummer part II

I have so many pictures to show from our celebrations from Friday. Here are some new ones:

Picasso also thinks he should have a place at the table...

We played Kubb in the rain...

For those of you that still not sure about this midsummer thing is, perhaps this will explain something to you...
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Monday, June 22

our midsummer

We had a great midsummer. With kubb playing, good food, rain and sun and good people! Here's pictures from the beginning of the evening...more will come!
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Friday, June 19


Last year Midsummer was spent on Gotland with Mr J's side of the family. We had great weather and beautiful views. This year we are spending it with my side of the family and less great weather....But it's tradition to have rain on midsummer....

It's also a tradition for unmarried girl to pick seven kinds of flowers and then put them under their pillow at night. Then they are supposed to dream about the boy they are going to marry...
Have a happy midsummers eve!
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Wednesday, June 17


Today is my first day on summer break! The weather has been great and I haven't hardly thought about work...I guess over the next couple of days that will change and I will slowly come in vacation and perhaps blogging mode!? To begin with I'll show some swapping pic that I've been in lately. Yellow has been the theme: Yellow & Purple and red & yellow, to be exact.

This is my favourite colour cobo at the moment...

Enjoy the sun, if you can see it!
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Wednesday, June 10

Little pieces of heaven

Mango flavoured heaven
and coffee
and strawberry

Yes, we tried out a new bakery in the neighbourhood and we loved it. This is not good, I was planing to have a healthy summer...

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Tuesday, June 9

the weekend

We have had a great weekend, Mr J's parents where here. On Saturday we made a basket full of good food and took them to the beautiful Sofiero. It's an old castle located out side our beautiful town. It has a extraordinary garden with blooming rhododendron and a view of the sea. I'll post a lot of pictures from this weekend!

Hope you had a great one too!

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Wednesday, June 3

The chair

This spring has been sad in many ways for us both. We both lost someone that has meant a lot to us. I, my grandmother and Mr J, his grandfather. As often when someone dies there is a home to clean and clear. When we emptied my grandmothers little apartment I wanted to keep so many things. They all reminded me of her, but also of my childhood. So, I kept a lot both big and small... I'm going to show you some of the things here and also tell you a little story about it. Because all furniture should have their story told!

First out is the black synthetic leather chair:
Yes, he had to be in this post too.

This chair has been in my grandparents house as long as I can remember, it's from the 50s and I'm from the 80s...They only had one and it had it's place next to the sofa in the 1th living room. I don't know about your grandparents, but mine had two. One that you were allowed in at all times. Where you had dinner and watched TV. Then they had another, were you never where allowed in without an adult supervision and most often only at Christmas (or when you wanted to look at the beautiful mesmerizing glass marble).
Well, back to the chair! This chair I've often sat, lain and rolled around in ( I could not sit still). My father also often sat in this chair while visiting my grandparents. But mostly it served as a stretcher for my grandmothers nylon socks. Yes, she always complained that her new socks hurt her ankles and therefore she stretched them out before she could wear them. When we came to visit, there most often were a pair of skin coloured socks on each arm rest. That she'd take them of so that me and my brother could roll around in the chair as much as we wanted. That's a great grandmother!

So, now these memories are in my own home and so it this beautiful old chair!
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