Monday, December 31

The last day in 2007

I can't celebrate the end of this year with out mentioning what this blog has meant to me this year! I started this blog in January 2007 and since then so much has happened in my creative life. I have meet so many like minded people all over the world, I have started sewing, I've opened an etsy shop! I can go on and on, there are so many things that I didn't do before that I started doing since this blog. I hope for a new year filled with all the good things that 2007 brought me and so many more new creative things!

Thank you everybody who has visited and commented this blog, you mean a lot to me! I wish for you a happy and creative year to come!

See you!

Sunday, December 30

A secret...

This is a quick post before I have to go help with the demolition of the old kitchen. Remember I said that I had not knitted a row in December? That was so true and yesterday I made up for it by finishing that scarf that I was supposed to give J for his birthday in September! and then it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, now it's a new years eve gift!

Since I'm in a hurry and seem to have lost the pictures of the yarns I've used, I have to come back tomorrow and show you. But it's knitted with two different yarns, one that I bought on etsy from the plucky knitter and the other I bought at a Danish website. Love the greens and blues in this!
see you

Thursday, December 27

The days after

So Christmas was spent at my mothers, eating the most delicious duck (a Danish tradition) and all the other good stuff my mother serves. An all good time! Now we're back in the new place hammering and painting again!

This was the little cats first Christmas and he thought it was scary at times. good thing there was lots of boxes to hide in:-)
Important with both Swedish and Danish flags in the tree:-)
Do I need to say anything?
The real tree...

I'll post some more pictures from the apartment soon, until then have a great couple of days!

Monday, December 24

God Jul

We are taking a break from the painting for two days now. I'm hoping to get some knitting done since I haven't knitted a row in weeks...J was supposed to have a scarf for Christmas but I think he'll get it for new years eve:-)That's the charm with handmade gifts!

God jul! Merry Christmas! Today is the day!
I wish you all a merry day filled with joy!
See you next year!

Sunday, December 23

A pre-Christmas gift

I've been awarded with a "You make my Day" Award by Miss Laurence over at be craft be happy! I too would like to give this award to some people in blogland that inspire me and give me happiness just by reading their blogs. In no particular order:
Miss Laurence
Caroline (A Swedish blog)

Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times! :)

"Little Christmas eve"

It's getting closer and closer to the big day and we are hammering and painting away in our new place so the Christmas spirit has not yet gotten to us. But I thought that I'd show all the lovely Christmas cards that I have been getting these last couple of days. Thank you all!
Today is called little Christmas eve here in Sweden, it's the day before the day. To night we are going home to my mother and decorating the "real" tree and pre-tasting the food. Today is both a sad and a happy day, today is my fathers birthday but he's been dead for exactly ten yeas this year and this is usually the time of year when I miss him the most. Since he died we always make sure the whole family is together and celebrate him and that we do something fun together. And decorating the tree or going to the cinema is what we have done these last years.
I don't think I'll ever stop having these mixed feelings about Christmas but I know that making new traditions and being to getter with those I love the most will make this holiday good!
I'm wishing you all a good Sunday filled with good feelings and happy people!

Friday, December 21

Ceramic Friday

For a last Ceramic thing this year A ceramic little town with candles in so it looks like someone's at home. I'm very happy with how this turned out, I even think this is the best thing I made this semester!

Let me end the story I started yesterday: Ok, this is how it was. On Tuesday I went to a job interview and on Wednesdays they called and told me that they wanted me to start working on the 7th off January! Great news! But yesterday when I called them back to confirm that I could start on the 7th, they took the job back and said that they gave the job to another teacher with 10 years experience! I was mad, to put it nicely. But the headmistress probably felt bad about this and recommended me to another school and said a bunch of good things about me. So, yesterday at eight in the evening another headmistress of another school called me up and offered me a job! Which I feel is much better then the first! So, I now have a job as a teacher for children with Swedish as a second language (Which is my major)! This is going to be a good Christmas after all! :-)

Thursday, December 20

A crappy crappy day...

More Christmas greetings for you!

Today's been an crappy day, to make the story short: yesterday I was offered a really good job at a local school and today they took it back...But then another school called and offered me another job and before I could say anything my mobile phone died!!!! And now I can't get a hold of the person who called me....It is Friday the thirteenth?

Wednesday, December 19

This years Christmas cards

As I said I have sent out all the Christmas greetings for this year and some were in to form of these ATC's and others were like these shown here:

I loved making these but it took a little longer than I had time for so I only made two of each, maybe next year...
Since we now have so much with the apartment and I still have to finish my thesis...I'm ready for some Christmas holiday with lazy days doing nothing but knitting..O, what I miss that! But now it's only five days left!

Tuesday, December 18

the place!!

Sorry no Ceramic Tuesday today, but a little show of the new apartment! And there is a lot of work to be done before it looks anything like what I have imagined...Yesterday we bought a new kitchen?! And today we carried 55 square meters wooden floors into the apartment.

View from the kitchen out to the balcony
Hallway and stairs up to the second floor
Upstairs and J's part of the room
My future crafting room!
A pretty pink bathroom?!

There will be a Ceramic Friday instead and I'm sure you'll see a lot more pictures of this place in the future...Only six days left!

Monday, December 17

Today is the day

that we take over the new apartment! Today is going to be a long day, first we are going to have a meeting at the bank, then we are going to see the apartment to see if everything is in order, then we are going to measure the whole thing and head out to IKEA to buy the new kitchen... The final moving are not taking place until 1th off February, which is good.
Have a good Monday!

Here's an etsy order I had last week!

Sunday, December 16

A slow sunday

We are being busy little elf's here this slow Sunday, wrapping Christmas gifts and making the last gifts. Yesterday my whole family was here and we made marzipan goodies dipped in white and dark chocolate and other good stuff! I also took a new pic of the tree, this is how it's going to look this Christmas!

Dark pictures...
Me, my mother and brother

Mr J

The tree!
Messy stuff this wrapping gifts...

Saturday, December 15

The tree!

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining! It was more late morning, early noon (we were at a Christmas party last night) but anyhow, it was shining!!

A little paper cone, new for this years tree. Maybe she'll have some candy in her later!
My little tree topper- an angel that I made a couple of years ago. And no, she is not hurt by being pined to the tree, she llikes it!
There are something that you can't see in this picture but I have a lot of glass icicles and my dangling hearts are there too. But there will be some more, it just takes some time to get it perfect! ;-) Keep enjoying your weekend!

Friday, December 14

Everything is starting to fall into place

Here comes the first pictures of our tree! I'm going to give it to you in parts, just because I still don't have a good picture of the whole thing yet... I thought I'd also show you my wrapping for this year as well. Lots of to do- things are done now. I've sent all my Christmas greetings, bought and decorated the tree and this weekend we are making the Christmas goodies! All the ingredients are bought and ready to become delicate Christmas candy! :-)

Thursday, December 13

Winter matchbox swap!

Still no pictures of our Christmas tree! I know that I'm nagging constantly about these dark days and that you would think that since I've lived here all my life that I would be used to it. But no... yesterday I had a screaming migraine all day and I'm sure it was from lack of daylight! But I managed to take some photos of my latest swap (and last for while) the winter matchbox swap for swap-bot. If I place the object close to the windows it's possible to have ok shots...

Wednesday, December 12

Christmas in my home

Yes, the Christmas decorating is slowly growing here. Here are two white Santa's sitting in my kitchen window and waiting for the snow to fall...I made these a long time ago and they are probably one of my first Christmas decorating in my own home. They are made in fleece fabric and are really easy to make.

Here's another decorated matchbox, this one looks a bit more Christmasy.

Yes, we have bought our tree! I'll see if the day will allow me to photograph it...

Have a good day!

Tuesday, December 11

Ceramic Tuesday

Work in progress...yes, I'm sorry about these boring pictures. The green hearts are going to be adorned with some pretty ribbon and then be hung on the tree. The tree that we are going to buy tonight! If it looks good I'll post more picture tomorrow.

This second picture is of something really small. A little jug and an even smaller cup in pink glaze. I was thinking these would look funny in a necklace or as earrings. We'll see after Christmas...I'm having an etsy update in January!
See how small they are!

Monday, December 10

Something pretty in the mail!

On my way home from the library today I though of what I should post about this afternoon. The days here are so dark that I can hardly take pictures of the new things I'm making and they're not quite finished yet anyway. But when I steeped inside there on my doormat was this little brown envelope all the way from Japan! Can you believe it, I ordered a fat quarter from this shop a week ago and it has already arrived here!

This pretty fat quarter (50 x 55 cm) with little babushkas all over was only 5 $ and if you head over to you'll see ever more pretty fabrics!

Christmas decorations

I'm slowly getting the place more decorated for Christmas. This time I'm going to show you something I also bought in Copenhagen. I thought they looked so pretty and that I would try to make something similar next time I have time with the sewing machine. But now it seems like there won't be time until next year...

Great mushrooms on flickr:
Little birds


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