Saturday, December 20

God Jul & Gott nytt år alla!

this is my last post for 2008. I just want to say Thank you to all how have commented and I've gotten to know over the year. You very often make my day! Thank you!
I leave you with a picture of our lonely little kitty
and a blossoming Amaryllis!

Have a merry Christmas and
a happy new year!

See yo in 2009!

Friday, December 19

seen in my contacts

Another good thing about flickr is that I can blog away from home! Today I'm blogging from my mothers.
I have had a day full of "fika", twice at work and a third time at my grandmothers. We are now on our way to Mr J's work to eat some more Christmas food....We'll be rolling home tonight!

Here's a beautiful winter mosaic from all my contacts at flickr! Hope this gives you a nice and Christmasy feeling. White and glitter with a hint of red and green!

Have a nice Friday night!

Thursday, December 18

Christmas giving

I've wrapped all the gifts and this is how they look this year, red/bronze/brown and red hearts. This is how they looked last year!

As all the rest of the Christmas dec, Picasso thinks they are funny to play with. Let's just hope they look like this on Saturday when we are playing.

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester and all the student have prepared a Christmas cabaret. After that all the teacher meet up for "fika" and the we all go on Christmas break !

The other day when I meet one of my student on the bus, I said to her: Now it's only two days until Christmas break!
She looked at me funny and said: Are you counting down the days for the break?
My question is: Aren't teachers allowed to do that?

Well well, have a great Thursdays night! I'm going to go and pack the rest of my stuff!

Wednesday, December 17

I want to make snowflakes!

These advent candles looks a little bit like melted snow...

Tomorrow we are going to have a Christmas pottering day with some of the classes and my project is snowflakes. Here are some great links to making snowflakes!

Tuesday, December 16

The list

my day off went to crossing things off my list, my very long list...There is less than five days until we leave and I have lots of things to do before and my list just keeps getting longer!
I've read some where that in order to be efficient your list shouldn't contain more than six things. If you have more than six things on your list, it feels too overwhelming and you'll never complete the list. And that is exactly how I feel right now...
I'm aiming for Saturday and if I haven't completed all the things on that list, I don't care! :-)

I've been awarded! By Emma, it's in Swedish but she also have a nice flickr page and an other blog. Have a look!

Monday, December 15

our weekend in pictures

A perfect view of a Swedish forest, can you see the trolls?
We visited places from Mr J's childhood. This is the view of a lake were he used to go when he was much much younger...
We played games and Picasso just slept...
He meet a lady friend that was not at all pleased by his visit. Picasso on the other hand would have love to have made a closer acquaintance. This was the closest he ever got...

Sunday, December 14

some nice Christmas tress

We are still up in the woods and seeing all the trees I got inspired to make a tree mosaic here. This is how I like Christmas to be, snowy, cold and with lots of light!

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 12

Lucia celebrations

today at work we had Lucia celebrations. It is a tradition here in Sweden of having a white-dressed woman with candles in her hair appearing on the morning of the Lucia day. Lucia and her maids is wearing a white gown with a red sash and a crown of candles on her head, she walks at the head of a procession of women, each holding a candle. The candles symbolize the fire that refused to take St. Lucia's life when she was sentenced to be burned.
At most Schools they appoint a Lucia every year often with blond hair even though Lucia from the beginning is Italian and had dark hair...
They boys and girls sang beautifully and afterwards we had Lussebullar (Saffron bread). A really good day to work at a school! I think this is the first time in many year that I've celebrated Lucia!

Today we are taking the cat and driving to Mr J's parents. Will take many great photos of the snow!!!that we have. I'll be back on Sunday!

Ps. Non of the picture are from my school. I found all the pictures on flickr!

Thursday, December 11

Do you Christmas shopping from home

it never made it to the front door...

I guess most of you have to buy Christmas gift and if you are like me you hate shopping this time of year...I found that online shopping is less stressful! So sit back and relax here are some of my favourite links:

Wednesday, December 10

My FAA parcels 2008

I'm working on my last FAA parcel for 2008. Since that is the secret Santa parcel I can't show you it before my partner has received it. But here's a mosaic over this years parcels. I wasn't in so many swaps this spring but I took it up again this summer and fall...I still love making these parcel and I think I'll continue when I'm back again this January!

This is only the FAA parcel, I'm also in the pay it forward- swap....
I love swapping!

Tuesday, December 9

the two Christmas trees

Finally there was enough daylight to take pictures of them!
This one is in the living room together with this little arrangement. I have put newspaper in the pot so that the little accident from yesterday won't happen again!
Here's the other tree. This one is upstairs and I can see this one from my desk! I have put some nice red felt fabric in this one. just to be on the safe side...

Are your Christmas decorating coming along?

Monday, December 8

Monday the 8th

Monday the 8th and I have started the countdown for our departure to Malaysia...As much as I love my job and decorating for Christmas, I need a break, a nice and long one! But before I go away on my trip I'm going to show you something here everyday. Today is the last pictures from the nice crafting from nature decorations that we made a couple of weeks ago:
a heart wreath made from moss both green and white and twigs with blue berries on.
and of course an amaryllis, a true Christmas flower with a little wreath and a red Christmas heart. This was so simple to make and looked to great!

The Christmas monster has stroked again...This time he broke one of the tree ornaments and dug a big hole in the pot where the little Christmas tree is....There was soil everywhere! Do you want him?

Sunday, December 7

Inspiration from the market

Inspiration from a seller at the market. I can't remember the name of the shop...

Christmas market

Today we went to a Christmas market here in town. It wasn't dark (surprise surprise) and there was no snow but the right Christmas feeling still got to me! We looked all kinds of beautiful decorations and tried all kinds good of food.
Surprisingly I didn't buy so much. A tasty sausage, some good bread and chocolates. That's all!
Today I also brought in the Christmas trees! Yes, plural. A couple of weekends ago we spent some days in a cottage in the woods. I brought with me two small trees to plant in a pot. I'll show you this week as soon as the darkness will allow it!

Happy second advent!

Saturday, December 6

a little extra...

Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
I'm hanging this on my front door today! Before the cat gets to it!

enjoy your Saturday night!

New Christmasy placemats

New Christmas placemats
I got the inspiration for these from my new Japanese craft magazine Cottontime. There was one in pretty pastel colours. I love that you can make these from fabric scraps from you stash. I gave a pair to my mother (the two above) and kept to for us:

Too bad I can't use them after Christmas...

..but then I guess I have to make new ones! :-)

Thursday, December 4

Soft trees

This year I made them in time! It was last December that I discovered this free pattern from Stephanie. I love the simplicity of these soft tree. Then I bloged about it a while back and now finally I can show you pictures!

Some snowy white trees...

and two black and white trees for the living room!

happy 4th of December!

Wednesday, December 3

The Christmas monster

The Christmas monster lives here at my place. He can take on all kinds of disguises, here he looks like the cutest little kitten. But don't be fooled by his appearance! He attacks when he doesn't think you can see him, he eats the Christmas decorations or plays with it...
He is looking innocent...but moments after he was on the table eating the moss from one of the decorations!
And here he is in the act!

Can he come live with you during December?

Tuesday, December 2

The first candle is lit

I'm going to try to post every day until we leave for Malaysia. I would like this to be some kind of advent calender were there is something new to look at every day until Christmas. Well see....
Today I'm going to show my advent candles that I made on Sunday! And some pictures from last Christmas:
advent candles 2007
the beginning of December 2007
Christmas flowers!

Monday, December 1

Going Christmas crazy

It's the 1 of December and the last month of the year is here!! Finally it's here and I can let out all my Christmas crafting! We had a perfect afternoon at my mothers yesterday. Crafting and celebrating 1th advent. Here are some of the picture from yesterday:

This is my mothers advents candlestick, with moss and white candles and numbers. Simple yet beautiful!
We made wreaths...
and almond and nougat candy (Mr j's contribution)
I made the numbers for my candles myself. Easy, with some steel wire. Unfortunately I can't show you my advent candlestick because all the picture I took of it turned out really bad. I'll show you tomorrow!
here's my brothers girlfriend candlestick! Cute with the berries and cinnamon sticks
This is the mess we made!


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