Friday, March 28

We are back!

Yesterday we came back from New York. What a great trip we had! I bought so much I'm a bit ashamed....I revisited my favourite American store anthropologie and bought some really cute things there! Here's a blog that's all about this store! We also bought a new camera, our new sweetheart,the Sony a350. We love it sooo much! It will take me some time to get to know it and learn how to take good pic but I'll enjoy learning!
Here's a dark picture on my new knitted boots:-)
Here's our darling ;-)

And here's a pic from Macy's flowers show. To see more pictures from our trip go here
I'll soon be posting picture from some stuff I'm making. if you feel up to a swap we could use some more participants in this swap group!

Now I have a lot of blog reading to do!:-)

Thursday, March 20

Going to New York!

I'm just in for a quick hello and to wish you all a happy Easter!
Tomorrow we are leaving for New York and are going to be gone until Thursday. I can't wait to do some shopping and to see the big apple again, I love that city!

Since I didn't have a ceramic Tuesday I thought I'd show you the latest things I've made: green peas in a pod! The two small ones have a hole in them to be hung on a thick steel wire and serve as a decoration in a flower pot or among your plants.
I might do some blogging from NY but if I don't I'll be back on Thursday to show all the pic from the trip and show some more things I've been working on lately!
Have a great week and an even better Easter!

Wednesday, March 12

making apples

I made some apples yesterday from a pattern in a book I found at my mothers. These were so easy and quick to make, I think I'm going to do more! With these fabrics!

An apple slice, anyone?
I'm playing with the thought of making lost and lost and have a bowl full and even some for my neglected etsy...Do you want to have a look at my slowly progressing craft room, have a look here

Tomorrow I'm going back to work! ;-)

Tuesday, March 11

Ceramic Tuesday

Still being sick I thought I'd post more often but no...Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment we'll see if I get any better soon! Here's some eggs I've been making. I find it therapeutic to just sit and create these with my hands.

Easter is next week! And we are going to New York on the 21th and are then gone for most of the week. I don't think I'll be decorating much for Easter this year. But these would look great as a simple Eater decoration.

that's all for me, until next time...

Friday, March 7

February is over

These have been sent out in the last minute. We are now a privet group over at swap-bot, if you want to join us let me know and I'll give you the password.February pages for the around the world group
I've been sick in influenza the last couple of days, I have not been this sick in years! All I've been doing is sleeping, today I had the energy to take some new photos that I'll show on my flickr and here next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 4

Ceramic Tuesday

Spring colours inspired me to make these!

I was thinking that these would look great as necklaces and pendants in a leather string!?
or I could just leave them like they are...

Monday, March 3

Interesting thoughts

Have a cup of tea
and listen to this and tell me what you think! Why don't I create more with my students!?


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