Monday, January 29

Learning to crochet

Theses last couple of weeks I have been learning how to crochet. I did learn it once in middle school but forgot... I'm not getting any younger...Now I borrowed a crocheting book at the library and started to crochet circles! Every time we see a film or just watch TV I crochet and crochet and crochet...Now I don't know what to do with the very colourful circles!?

This is the book that helped me and I had some help from my mother as well...
This is some of the circles that I have been doing. They look nice as table decoration?!
J thinks it's fun to take pictures of me when I look so concentrated and focused! I just think I look angry! ;-)

Have a good day!

Sunday, January 28

Too sad to craft...

On Thursday my brother and I had to go to the vet with this beautiful cat, Ronja. The vet quickly established that she was to sick to live a cat- worthy life and that she had to be put to sleep. Now we miss her terribly!

So, the box full with unfinished postcards remained unfinished. Maybe next weekend...

I made two new necklaces a couple of days ago but I have had trouble taking a good picture of them. These dark winter afternoons does not make good photograph weather... Go to my flickr to see both. (this is for Catrin to see them hanging)

Thursday, January 25

Pink afternoon snack

Yesterday I made myself a smoothie of berries and vanilla yoghurt in our new mixer. I think I'll make one for me everyday now!
This is my space in front of the computer browsing the internet for some now ideas. I like Camilla Engman's site, the colours, her illustrations and her very cute dog Morran. And if you need inspiration to what pictures to take with your new digital camera (Sara), you should indefinitely go look at her flickr!

Have a good day!


Since I joined the valentine's post card swap I have been inspired to collage cards. But non in the theme of Valentine's day...OK, some of them are but I'm not as pleased with the result of them as I'm with these..

Go see my flickr for more cards that I made this week! I have a whole box of unfinished cards that I might post this weekend! So, you have to come back and see more cards! And do leave a comment if there is one particular that you like! ;-)

Sunday, January 21

White, white, white

At the moment I have a lot of little projects going on in my apartment and since we live in a small place my stuff is taking up a lot of space...I guess we will never live in a place big enough for all my projects;-)
Well, I can't show all my projects at the moment but will post more in the future! What better way to symbolize my feelings at the moment than three white canvases?!

Have a great and creative Sunday!

Saturday, January 20


A couple of days ago I baked the cookies I was talking about here. But it didn't go as well as I had hoped for... The light coloured cookies was supposed to be bent like a horn (Vaniljhorn) but I could not possible get them into that shape!! So, I call the vanilla breads. Well, I guess the taste is the same!!We ate them all in less than two days!

Wednesday, January 17

Time to document

I have had vacation from school for more than a month now and that has been good for my creativity but not so much for my sleep...I have been awake late at nights thinking of my next projects or my on going projects. This could not continue when my school started again!
This blog has to a certain extent been my solution to this "problem". It's my outlet and since I have started this, I do sleep better at nights.
Documenting your thoughts, what ever they might be, is important for keeping sane!

But these two say it a lot better than I do: Il Bloggo and CraftSanity

Is that why so many people have blogs, to keep sane? ;-)

This is for keeping me sane at school!

Tuesday, January 16

In the midle of the Swedish woods

A couple of weeks ago me and my oldest girlfriend went up to her summer house for a weekend. We have been doing that since we were 14-15 years old. The house is located in the middle of the woods and has no neightbours close by!
Even though the weather was terrible we went for a long walk in the woods and I picked up some beautiful branches and bilberry sprigs. Out of the bilberry sprigs I made this heart that now hangs on our door and I put the branches in a vase, as lovely decoration!

Not the best picture...
The bilberry sprigs in water.
Half a heart...

This is not the house we lived in but a typical Swedish looking house, red with white corners.

Monday, January 15

crafting in a storm

There has been a storm here in the south of Sweden this weekend. While my boyfried was stuck at his parents house in another part of Sweden, I spent the weekend at my mothers sewing machine. I made us some new kitchen curtains and a matching shopping bag in a fabric from IKEA. This was my first time sewing in a long time and I'm really pleased with the result.
I like the graphic fabric and it was not expensive so if I grow tired of it, I can always make some new.. :-)
I also made something out of the fabric I showed you in another post. I made a cover for my note pad which also turned out great! It was really easy and I'm thnking of doing a smaller one for my sketch book as well. If I can, I will post a tutorial on how to make one! I got the inspiration to make it from a visit to this store antropologie in New York. We don't have that store in Sweden, not even in Europe I think. There is so many nice things here. So, if you don't know what to do one day, go Vvisit the webbsite!

I'm really pleased with this. It will be great to have when I'm at Uni and I will have something nice to look at when I'm no I'm never bored at uni ;-)

Have a creative day!!

Sunday, January 14

A nifty way to display your earings!

A while back I found this beatiful old frame in my mothers basement. The back side and the glass was already broken and since I liked it so much I found another use for it; hanging my earings on it! With the help of some thumbtacks and steel wire it turned out really good. Here are a mix of earings I made myself and bought. I think they are beautiful and deserve to hang on the wall, as well as art!

Friday, January 12

The weather was good today!

When I open my eyes this morning and looked out, I saw the sun! (haven't done that in days here) And it really gave me inspiration to create, just anything!

I made these to decorate the candlesticks, now I want to buy black candles. It would look really good ;-)
I have a small piece of this beautiful graphic fabric from IKEA and many great ideas of what to make of it. I think I have decided to make a case for my drawing book. I'll let you know more later!

Went to the library and found a book full of sweet recipes of cookies and other goodies! I think I'll make some of these and let you know how it went...:-)

I love my ipod!

For Christams Santa gave me an ipod. I have wanted one for a long time and was sooo happy about it and still is! Not so much for listening to music but to be able to listen to crafting podcasts everywhere I go! I'm a beginner at knitting so it is very inspiring to listen to knitting podcasts at the moment. I got so inspired the first week that had to knit a pretty little cover for my new favorite toy.

But I have only been "doing it" for a couple of weeks and I have discovered a whole new world out there!
This is what I have in my ipod at the moment:

Even if you don't have an ipod you can go to their blog and listen to the podcast from there!

Have a nice and creative day!

Thursday, January 11

A new blog has to have a lot of posts!

Talking about my trip to Bali made me go back and look at old photos. This is me in one of many bead stores in a town called Ubud, Bali. Here I'm in heaven! It is from this store many of my new pieces of jewellery comes from!
Yet another piece:

Bad weather= good crafting

This is something all crafters know... but it is even better when you are a student and the semester has not yet started! This is some of the things I made today. Some of the pictures are not so good since it is difficult to take good pic in this dark and rainy winter weather we have in Sweden.

I really like how the pink beads looked together with the gold colored metal. The beads I bought in a small store in Bali. I think it is a semi- precious stone called rose- something. If anyone know, please let me know!

Wednesday, January 10

Valentine's Day postcard Swap

What better way to get my blog out there than to join this Valentine's postcard Swap! I'm really looking forward to crafting with a purpose of giving it to someone I don't know! And even better, to receive from someone new.
I was so excited yesterday that I went out to buy new paper for my stash. It is always more fun if you have new materials to craft with. Don't you think?

Tuesday, January 9

My New year's resolution 2007!

You are looking at it!
As a new year's resolution 2007 I decided to start documenting my crafting and my sources of inspiration in this blog. But have patience with me...I am a beginner at this blogging thing! ;-)

While travelling for a year I had a blog together with my much knowledgable boyfriend and I picked up a thing or two. I started to read other crafting blogs for about six months ago and got so much inspiration from them and fell in love with the blogging world!

So, this is my contribution to the wonderful world of blogging!

Happy new year!


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