Tuesday, July 31

Ceramic Tuesday

For Ceramic Tuesday I'm giving you a nice little view point with my big birdbath standing in my mothers garden. This summers been rainy so there are always water in the bath for the birds...
Next week is going to be the last Ceramic Tuesday for a long while. I have two weeks left at work and then we are going away on vacation, so I will be back in the end of August again. But I still have some other things to show you before I go on vacation!

Have a good night everybody!

Thursday, July 26

New Zealand always in my heart

I'm amazed. I love felting! In one of the many summer sales we bought some felting needles and now my mother and I are felting like crazy. All you need is some scraps of wool yarns and the needles appliqué some beads and then you can make yourself some felted brooches! I made three the same night as we bought it and now have them on my bag.

Felting is so much fun and easy!

On another not, last year we lived in New Zealand we just came home to Sweden in December after living there for a year. I still miss much about New Zealand and whenever I read something about NZ I go all nostalgic;-) That's why I was so happy about finding these posts over at whip up! NZ blogs I and II! Many of them are now added to my Goggle reader!

Tuesday, July 24

Ceramic Tuesday

I have always loved making these figures. I started making them in 2000 and then I always made ladies with big breasts and buts!:-) Now this course I made the figures more simple and male like. I made a series of four in a darker clay and with a darker glaze. I think they now make a nice decoration in my home!

I made these in 2000

And these are from 2007!

Monday, July 23

New life= new creations!

We know someone who had there first baby on the 18th this month and there is nothing so inspiring than to make something for a new little one! At first I just thought we should send a card congratulating the parents. But then I saw a book in the library on crafting for little ones and then I was sold on making these creatures! They can hang over the crib or where the baby can see it. I made it in felt and hand stitched all of it. They are easy to make and you can make them in all kind of shapes and forms!

A little baby bear for a little baby girl
Now all that's missing is the eyes, I thought the felt eyes where a bit scary and think I'll buy some plastic ones that moves!!
Here are some other examples on what creatures to make!

Sunday, July 22

Picking raspberries in the rain

We went raspberry picking a couple of days ago, when it had stopped raining here. (It does that a lot at the moment) We went to a local farm and picked so much that I now have the fridge full to make smoothies! I also made chocolate and raspberry muffins and a jam just fore the pancakes we had the other day;-)
Its pure joy to pick these lovely berries and to be able to eat as many as you can! I think we ate almost as many as we picked...no, now I'm exaggerating hihi, but it sure felt like it when we drove home:-)

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, July 19

Good things in the mail!

I have some mail happiness to show you today:

The crème coloured mosaic page is from Memmu. We did a swap outside the group and this is what I got! The page is lovely and so was the wrapping, I had to wait with opening it up until I had time to take a photo. The bookmark is the first I received from the handmade bookmark swap I talked about yesterday. It's crouched, impressive!
I love mail!;-)

Wednesday, July 18


Joining swap-bot and all the swaps over there has been really good for my creativity and getting new ideas for crafts. This month when I'm working I haven't been in so many swaps but I did join the Handmade bookmarks swap. I have never done bookmarks before but I loved the challenge! I got the idea for the leaf bookmarks over at How about orange and her bookmarks. The mosaic bookmarks are obvious :-) where I got the idea from....I love making mosaic everything still! Go over to my flickr to see more bookmarks and photos from the weekend!

This one is going to one of my swap partners how liked vintage and bohemian styles.
And the red one are going to my other swap partner that liked bold colours! Hope they like them!

Tuesday, July 17

Ceramic Tuesday

My summer course is over by now but I still have some things that I haven't showed you and I still have some things from my mother that I haven't showed you. So I'll keep posting ceramic Tuesday until mid august then we'll be off on vacation. Then I start my new ceramics course in September again! Today I'm showing a bust my mother made from a picture of Adam, this one is really good and life like, don't you think?

I've included a picture of Adam to clearify

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, July 16

The weekend!

This weekend was perfect, we had really good weather, a lot of good things to eat and fun! There are not much creative to show but some good pictures. Adam got a really nice digital camera from all of us and then we gave him some other stuff, books and gift cards! We had the big cat, Alfred with us and he really enjoyed it too. He cough a lot of mice!!!

Here's the birthday boy! Can you see him from all the flowers!:-)
And the mice catcher!
His birthday gift wrapped up nicely with a bag of candy, he can never be to old for candy!
This is just one of the many cakes we had! We picked blueberries and raspberries and made a pie twice! It was a good weekend!

Thursday, July 12

Sewing madness part III

It was Sunday and I had sewn two bags but I still had this urge to create more and there was all these lovely fabric scraps laying around on the floor. Out of the scraps I made a banner in pastel colours and a little case in a flower fabric I bought at a flea market. Non of the things are something I need or is going to use much but I just felt like sewing, so I did.

Its all crocked and badly sewn but I guess I can use it for something...
Really like this fabric, wish m mother had more of it but its something she bought years ago...
I loved making this! It was easy, just cut out triangular shapes out of fabric and sewed them onto a string; and finished! At the moment its hanging here and looking festive but I guess we can use it for birthdays!?
This was all for me this week. My youngest brother Adam, is turning 18 tomorrow on Friday the 13th!!! The whole family is going up to the much bloged about summer house and spending the weekend there. I'll be back with pic from that on Monday! Have great weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 11

Sewing madness part II

This is my mothers crafting room where I spent most of the weekend! Today I'm going to show another bag I made, this one's for myself. Lately I've been crazy about making everything mosaic, like this and this. So, I wanted to try making a mosaic bag (patchwork) in my favourite colours beige, brown and white:
The good thing about crafting in my mothers room is that I always clean up after me, I never do that at home... That way, it's always fun to start again in the morning!
This bag is also embellished with a fabric flower
Here's the bag! I had really fun making this one, I made it up as I went a long. So the bag is not the best sewing work I have ever made but it looks pretty...
I love the lace and the colours and have worn this every day since I made it! I want to make more but I don't think I have the patience to make the same again. I hate making two of the same. It's always more fun to make something new....

Tuesday, July 10

Ceramic Tuesday

This week I'm showing you a jug I made. It's made by rolling the clay in your hands and slowly building the shape up from the base. It's a fun technique and much easier than throwing! I still haven't learned that yet...
The different shades of green I got through dipping the jug in colour. The different layers created different colours, the deep green colour is a thick layer and the thinner layer is lighter in colour. It was a lot of fun!

Green jug with yellow roses!
Thank you for all your nice comments on my sweater and bag! I'll be back tomorrow with the second part of sewing madness!

Monday, July 9

Sewing madness part I

I've been sewing like a crazy woman this weekend. The weather was cold and rainy and J wasn't in town, so what else to do than sew?! My creativity was about to burst and I could not sit still for five minutes I had to get these creations "out of me".
I have so much to show you that I'll post about it all in parts. The first part is about a bag I sewn for a friend (Caroline), she hasn't seen it yet but I hope she'll see it here and tell me if she likes it, or not!:-) I found an old skirt that I once used to love but had grown tired of, the fabric was really great, sturdy and perfect for a bag! I also got inspired from the use what you have challenge, to create out of something old.

I forgot to take a picture of the bag, but there it is cut into pieces!
I used the zipper from the skirt to make a pocket for a cell phone and the whole for the belt to make a nifty place to hang your keys!
To brighten the gray bag up a little I made one of my fabric flowers as a pin, this is removable...
And here the finished result can be seen!
Hope she'll like it, or I'll have to keep it for myself....:-)

Thursday, July 5

New in others!

Today I want to show you what a friend, Catrin made. A couple of days ago she sent me some pictures of her crowns made from my tutorial and since she doesn't have her own blog I thought I'd show an other way of doing them. She used a silver coloured steel wire with beads in green, red and orange and mixed them. (Click picture to see it larger) I also included a picture of her necklaces she does, this one she made for one of her colleges. I love the blue beads! It's always inspiring to see others work!

This weekend J is going out of town and I'm spending most of the weekend with my mothers sewing machine;-) Hopefully you'll see the results from that in next week! Moline has opened up her new esty, go over and see all her lovely creations!

That was all from me this week, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 4

My new Pipi- sweater!

Remember this? I finished my first sweater in a long time!!! Its not the most beautiful thing in the world but I made it and I like it. I call it a Pippi sweater because its not entirely symmetric or normal. One sleeve is slightly bigger than the other and on the front piece one side is wider than the other and this is a visible mistake! All in all, I'm making a new one from a pattern, starting this weekend...Maybe that one will be more aesthetic pleasing for the eye?

Hihi, here I am trying to get a picture of how the thing looks on!!
But its fitting for a preschool teacher, right?:-)

Tuesday, July 3

Ceramic Tuesday

Tired from working I don't have much new but some new pic of an old thing:-) I made four of these lanterns and gave one away. And I found a new use for two of them; a place to hold all my ribbons!
I also made some smaller things, this is a little flower to put in the flower pot, it can hold a small amount of water that the birds can drink from or you can use it for watering the plant with. I liked this so much that I think I'll make more of them in different sizes. I guess you'll see more of them in the future!

Tired from learning the names of 40 children in two days...I won't be posting much this week:-) But I'll be back next week when I'm more use to the chaotic days at the kindergarten!


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