Friday, August 24

A quick hello!

Fore those of you that want to see what I'm doing on my vacation and can read Swedish can go over here and look! See you in September!

Monday, August 13

Let's meet again, soon!

Before I go, I'll leave you with some inspiration from my mothers home. I would also like to thank all for stopping by and an extra little plus for all who writes a little comment:-) When I'm back in September there will be some changes here on the blog, more weekly themes and a new template (I've wanted to change for a long time, this one is to dark) But hopefully you'll still recognize what has become me...

Me and Emil say goodbye for now and see you all in September!

Sewing & swapping

Here are all the things I've made this you can see I've been really really busy, crafting almost 12 h a day!:-) I have now talked about opening my own esty for a long time and it is going to happen. Some of the things I've been sewing are going in to that etsy!
But it still won't be opening it in a while but I have started preparing for it...
Sewing a lot of vanity cases and little clutches to have make-up or other little things in your hand bags... The pink striped fabric it the fabric I bought last weekend at the flea market.
These little drawers are for another swap I'm in: Matchbox drawers swap over at flickr. This one is going to my swap partner Craftsy it's filled with supplies as you can see and I also added some lovely papers, ribbons and vintage sewing thread!
Today I going to pack, as we are leaving for Denmark early tomorrow morning. Since I've crafted so much this weekend all I'll bring with me for the trip is my watercolours and some knitting (perfect for the car). There won't be any more blogging for me in almost three weeks now, as I'm also taking a blogging vacation. Have a good Monday!

Saturday, August 11

Crafting like a crazy woman

I'm crafting like a crazy woman again...J is gone for the weekend and we are leaving for Denmark on Tuesday and I have a lot of things that has to be done by then. So now I'm really on a crafting roll. Friday meant last day at work and saying goodbye to a lot of cute children and receiving some lovely gifts! It also meant no more commuting between two countries and two parts of who I am.
speaking two different languages in one day some times made me feel divided and split and I realized that I had become more Swedish over the last couple of years than I really wanted. It feels sad but no one can have two identities and still be sane:-) or can they?
But I guess that is why I create and craft so much, to keep me sane. I always come back to that: crafting to keep sane...

Today I made two parcels for a swap over at swap-bot called Handmade Happiness Swap:

A yellow parcel with earrings and a bracelet and two bookmarks. I also included two postcards just for extra!

And a pink parcel with the same content but different colours. Both of my swap partners loved reading and I love making bookmarks...
Blogging on a Saturday...that's not really like me...:-) But I have so much to show you!

Wednesday, August 8

Gordon Walters goes crafty

I'm in a monthly group over at flickr called the "Around the world chunky page swap"
every moth we have a new theme for our pages and this time the theme was art or an artist that inspires you. This is what inspired me:
Last year I studied art history in New Zealand and there I came a cross the kiwi painter Gordon Walters. I loved his abstract forms and went a cross the country looking in every little gallery that had his paintings. There is something with his clean cut lines that speaks to me and learning about the person behind the art was even more intriguing. He was a great modernist abstract painter but since he lived in New Zealand (Far away from Europe and Us where all the new and hip things where happening) he studied abstract painter like Picasso only from books. It took many years before he travelled to Europe and saw the great painting for the first time.

My chunky pages this month are inspired from Gordon Walters Koru works. A koru is the Maori name for a unfurling fern and it symbolizes new life, growth and strength and peace.
Of course, I made mine more crafty than high art but that is what I do. By mixing the clean lines with lovely patterned papers I have made them something typical for me.
On the back, I put together a little text about the pages and about Gordon Walters, I also printed out a picture of some of his works from the Koru series.

If there is some visitors from the artful blogger party, you are very welcome here to my little blog. I don't have a tutorial to show you but would very much like to know if you have a artist or a special era that inspires you in your everyday art?

Have a great evening and enjoy the party!

Tuesday, August 7

Ceramic Tuesday

This is going to be the last ceramic Tuesday in a long while. I have only a few things to show you, the light holders I made a while back have gotten a little layer of gold paint! Now the really glow in the dark:-) That was what we made the last day of our course, brought some old things and painted them with gold and had coffee and cake! The little little bowl in antique white is the last new thing you'll see here. It's good to have of the coffee table for snacks and other little goodies!

Tomorrow there will be another big blog party over at Artsymama lust like this one in March. I'm thinking of joining but have to work all day tomorrow and have not yet planed on what to post here for the party...I'll see what I can come up with tonight!

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, August 6

Good Monday

Hope everyone have had a good weekend! The count down is starting for me, a week left at work and then vacation! This weekend we had a visitor and that resulted in a lot of meals out and since the weather was great a ice crème or two! ;-)

I also managed to visit two different flea markets in one day! I got a lot of nice things!
Look here:

A lovely old tin box for all my crafty supplies!
A bag full of old sewing thread, metal things to put on ACT's and little buckles?

Mmm, what lovely colours!

These are just some of the finds, I also found two different kinds of fabric but the photograph was so bad I'll have to show it when I've made something out of them...

Have a good Monday night!

Thursday, August 2

Tag art!

Remember the post about crafting with clothes tags? I still collect tags and make collages out of them. And to show you something my mother made this a while back, it's mostly made out of tags but there are also some other elements in the collage.

An inspiring tag collage made by my mother and some of her tags.
At the moment I'm crafting a lot! I love coming home from work and sitting down with a project, it helps me relax and think of other things than work. But since I'm working on so many projects at the same time nothing seems to ever be finished! Now I have a deadline; I have to be finished with most of the things until the 14 of august. That's the day we are leaving for our holiday and then I'll be gone for about three weeks. No blogging or swapping during that period, just crafting:-)
This weekend I'm going thrift shopping!! have a good weekend!


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