Friday, October 31

Some whining and an actual question?

Ok, this is the last day of my fall break and I have a lot to do... We are going away to Mr J's parents this weekend and Picasso is spending the weekend at my mothers. Which he is not at all a posed fact he loves it there. Other cats and a garden to run in. Who can blame him?
Before I go ahead with my busy day, I have some problems that I would like to air with you.

I buy to much stuff that I don't need. How do I stop? It's a question I often come back to. I don't like that I can't go into a store or on-line shop and not buy anything! I know this is luxury problem and still it's a problem to me....We live in a world full with over consumerisms and I don't want to be in it! I've tried over the two years that I've had this blog to go on buying stops but I can never keep it!
And of course I'm only talking about buying stuff that I don't need. I have a craft supply that fills out a big room, so I don't need more of that...And for clothes...well, the only thing I really need is a warm wither jacket...or do I? I still have the one from last year...Well, well, I going to try it again: I'm not going buy anything unnecessary in a month!
If it sounds like I'm whining, just stop reading....

I didn't need them but they where so pretty and I've been eyeing them for loooong: A pair of wrist worms from Sandra Junto

How do you do it? Do you do it?

The other thing is a problem of another sort. I'm trying to figure out how to promote myself and my store on etsy in the best way. I have had it for a year and only sold about four or five items. Etsy is a big place and you easily get lost amongst all the great sellers that are there. I've been looking at different groups but haven't found a group that would fit me. How do you promote your etsy it you have one?

Wednesday, October 29

thinking of Christmas...

Yes, I'm starting to think about Christmas and the Christmas decorating. Since we are not going to celebrate Christmas in the usual way here in Sweden. (No we are going to be in Malaysia for Christmas and new years) I thought I'd start planing and making a little sooner that I usably do. So this year I want to make some of these soft trees that littlebirds makes. She gave out a free pattern last December and I didn't have time to make it then, but I have now!

These pictures are from the flickr group soft trees!

Tuesday, October 28

Fall break!

Picasso and I have been in the woods all weekend and had a really nice time! We have had a lot to eat and even more fikas. Here are some shots of our weekend:

Thank you to all who commented here on the Autumn party last week. As usual Artsymama hosted a great party in blogland. I enjoyed bloghopping a lot!
We have fall break here this week so I'll be posting and crafting a lot this week!

Thursday, October 23

Autumn Gathering house party

Welcome to Sweden and to my home! Hope you'll enjoy your tour and find some inspiration!
Let's start in our living room. I'm working on two scarf's this autumn, one is going to be big and warm and the other is mostly pretty. The grey is in a natural sheep's wool and the pink/grey/white is from an etsy seller I bought it ages ago and it's so soft and pretty!
In my living room you also find a newly made lantern. This is the first product by me from this ceramic class. It's embellished with fall leaf!

Little acorns by the candles. The candles smells divine! A nice scent of apple and vanilla! Perfect for autumn!
Here we are in the kitchen window. With pumpkins and a homemade mushroom and cabbage flowers. All though they are a bit sad since they've been bitten by the cat...
On you way out to the front door have a look at my white acorns hanging in the candlesticks. They are made from a white porcelain clay and feels so soft in your hands.

On your way out you have to put your vote on which wreath you like the best, the white one with acorns or the brown one with the heart? Which one feels more like Autumn to you?

Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, October 22

Fall views

Fall views
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
I love making these mosaics! Here's some views from my flickr favourites in the Autumn theme that I'm trying to keep this week. I love the rose nip heart and the striped socks. Tomorrow I'll show some views from my Autumn home and some seasonal crafting; Knitting!

Tuesday, October 21

Autumn inside and out

On Sunday we took our bikes and went out in the lovely autumn weather! It was a clear crisp day. I found perfect acorns and leafs in all colours. We where headed to my mothers to have a Sunday dinner there with my brothers and my aunt. So the inside decorating is from my mothers house.

Of course, I had to wear my knitted boots on a day like this!
We also bring our cat with us. He loves riding in a basked wrapped in my jacket or a blanket!
Love this time of the year!

Monday, October 20

All white

All white
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
Yes, my favourite colour is white even though it's not a colour...

There won't be much time over for crafting this week ether since I'm working the whole week. But next week it's fall break here! I'll be relaxing and crafting the whole time...
On Thursday I'll be in the Autumn party, so be sure to join in or just come by to see all the beautiful photography!

One of my photos have been selected for a travel site on Copenhagen! Go over and have a look!

have a lovely night, I'm off my ceramics class!

Saturday, October 18

Autumn Gathering house party,

I'm in this Autumn Gathering house party, Do you want to be in too?

Friday, October 17


It's Friday and a lot of things is happening this weekend! Tomorrow the whole family is going away on spa. One day and one night with a facial and bathing and sauna. And perhaps a yoga in the morning!? I love spa, don't you? And then on Sunday my aunt all the way from Holland is visiting for a couple of days. Which is fun, but means that we have to clean the apartment...I should probably start...

And don't hate me for this, but in my embroidery spell last week I also did some Christmas motifs...Yes, I know it' just October but I couldn't help myself. Here they are:

I wish yo the best weekend!

Tuesday, October 14

more embroidery talk

Yes, as I've mentioned I started to embroider. I started out with a patterns from the Wee Wonderfuls site. The bunny and the bear is just so cute! But I don't know any small children so I needed patterns that were more for grown-ups. So I started to make up my own:

A fantasy heart
And here's some I'm still trying out. I thought the parcel would be great one a card. this was so much fun, I couldn't stop. My biggest problem now, on what should I put the embroidery?

I have some Christmas motifs to show you tomorrow!

Monday, October 13

Before & after

A before and after picture of the chest that I found in my mothers basement. I has been my fathers from when he first moved away from home. It's so much nicer in black, don't you think?

You can see on the light of these picture that it's getting darker here even in daytime. Fall is definitely here now. This week we are going to have a fall theme at work. We are going out to look at different trees and we are painting leafs and are going to see films about Swedish trees. Talk about getting fall from every angle! maybe I can show you the paintings here later. have a good week!

Saturday, October 11

Inspiring embroidery

Blogging on a Saturday, that doesn't happen very often...
I have been working a lot this week and won't have my free day on Tuesday so I'm stopping by today. Just to tell you that I have started to embroider...
Yes, as if I don't have projects enough! But I love it, it's like drawing with an needle and you can do it in front off the TV!!!

Here are the picture that made me start and I have some more in my flickr favourites!! It started with I found this free on-line pattern and now I hooked!

Monday, October 6

Inspiring interior decorating

As I've talked about before, we are not finished with the whole apartment just yet. We started in December 2007 and are just now finished with the painting in every room. We still have almost all the interior decorating left. And as usual flickr is a great way to get the inspiration going! Here are some of my current favourites. I can see that I mostly go for the neural colour palette but I also need a little colour here and there!

Click on the photo to see more form these lovely homes!

Friday, October 3

ATC's in the making

Hopefully these are going to be ready sometime this weekend. I have talked about them but somehow I have had a lot to do the last couple of weeks.... This weekend will be it! For the rest of the weekend will consist of meeting up with friends, going to the local fall market (and take pictures) and sleeping in (my favourite)! Now I'm waiting for Mr J to come home so that I can open a bottle of wine:-) Have a nice one!


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