Tuesday, February 24

mm, semlor!

Today is the official day to eat these pretty little things, called Semlor. I on the other hand, have been eating them for a couple of weeks now...A bun full of crème and almond paste! Mm!

As long as we are taking sweets, here's nice little shop I found: The bake it pretty-shop
I've ordered some nice vintage button
moulds and some candy wafers. I'll show when I'v made some!! Have a nice Tuesday!

Friday, February 20

Ceramic Tuesday

We haven't had that in ages here on the blog! I still take my classes, I just don't feel great about the end result so often...But now I have a few things to show you!
I made a vase in the porcelain clay and added a pale green glaze to it
I found the patter on the vase on an old plastic mat and rolled it out on top of the clay before I assembled the vase shape
I thought the pattern turned out so great, I started to do all kinds of things in the same pattern.
These flower moulds almost looks like snowflakes and hanging on twigs like this, it looks like a perfect winter decoration!
Here's some behind the scenes pictures. Here's Picasso "helping" me...
and here he is "helping" me some more by biting the twigs I'm using...

Thursday, February 19

So last week was my birthday and on Valentines day we had the family over for a Thai- inspired dinner. We made spring rolls, dim sim, satay with peanut sauce! And for dessert, I whipped up some banana pancakes! Me like! Here are some pictures from that night!

This is the last picture from the night, and as you can see we had fun...
here's the dim sim's before they were stem cooked
Mr J making a little bundle of joy! (Yes, they were good)
Setting the table...we have a small kitchen and want a new one....
This was Picasso before the guest arrived. He was bored and was thinking he had the meanest cat parents in the whole wide world. Just cooking and cleaning instead of playing with him...
And here's one of my presents, candle sticks. The biggest present was from the whole family and it was a nice totally new bike! I have not had a new bike since I was seven, I think!

It was a good night!

Tuesday, February 17

cats and hearts

When my thoughts are full of questions about life and death, crafting is a good help. Easy monotonous crafting that still make for a beautiful end result! For that I found inspiration here:

I still haven't tried all my punches, I do have a small butterfly puncher that I going to try today!

Monday, February 16

two generations of rings sitting on my finger

so, my sweet little grandmother died two weeks ago. The funeral was beautiful and now we have the sorting of her stuff left to do. Among all the things we found were these rings. They are, from bottom up, my grandfathers ring, my grandmothers two rings and on top, a remake of my grandmothers parents wedding rings. So this is, two generations of rings from my fathers side of the family! I love looking down on my finger and seeing these little memoires of my grandparents. A lovely way to incorporate them into my daily life.
My grandmother took her parents ring and made them into one and that is what I'm going to do with hers. I'm going to melt them all three into one, with a little heart on. But first I had to take a picture!

Thank you, all! I've read all your comments and they made me smile! Love being back here again!

Friday, February 6

Hi there!

This has been a very strange week, I can't talk about all that has happened...What I can tell you is that I lost my grandmother on Tuesday. She had been sick for a couple of weeks and then it just got even worse. She reached the respectable age of 85 and she wanted to leave this earthly world of ours. But that does not make it less sad for us who are left... The funeral will be on Thursday and after that I'll probably be back here again! Take care and know that I still read all you sweet comments!

xx Cecilia

Tuesday, February 3

mini apples!!

mini apples
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
I'm making mini apples and liking it! If I can make a whole bunch I'll put them up in my etsy shop. I'm thinking they would look cute for spring and Easter to hang in branches...What do you think?


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