Tuesday, October 30

Ceramic Tuesday

When your brain is full of thought and inspiration is far far away you can sometimes find tranquillity in the small things. I found that it was easier for me to start with something really small when I couldn't find inspiration. I started to make these tiny small acorns...

...and found that I was really pleased with the result!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 29

my weekend

My weekend's been filled with a little bit of everything.

I sat at my desk, stared out in nothing and wrote some on a paper for Uni...
Took a walk in the rainy fall weather with J. We visited my grandmother and eat a lot of cake:-)
I crafted some..and made two birthday cards!
Went to a party, had good Spanish food and wine! :-)

How was yours?

Friday, October 26

Thingking of Christmas already?!

There is always a new group over at flickr that I have to be in! This time it's the FAA lucky parcel swaps! Here's the two parcels I've sent, a green one with fabric, ribbon, buttons and glitter and as a little extra the pencil with the wooden little guy. The other is the Christmas ornaments, here wrapped and ready to go out!

I'm planing Christmas gifts already and on top of that I crafting like crazy for the opening of my etsy next week. Therefore I don't have to much to show you yet. But I'm thinking of the blog all the time and I had an idea that when November starts I'm going to add a new little theme called Gift ideas for Christmas. Ones a week I'm going to post a tutorial of some kind showing how to make something easy and handmade for your friends and family this Christmas. It can also be nice and easy ideas on how to wrap the Christmas gift so they look even better:-) I dunno....Lots of thinking going on today...We'll see what happens!

Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, October 24

Ceramic Wednesday

This sad thing happened the other morning. I had made this swan couple in one of my ceramics classes. I thought two swans wound be a good symbol of eternal love and then they formed the shape of a heart when standing with their beaks together. Then yesterday morning I woke up and a book had fallen down and broke one of the swans neck... :-(
I guess super glue will solve all problems...

But as a good thing, my inspiration have partly come back to me in class. I have now started a series of pots but it will be a while before you'll see them here!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, October 22

A gift...

We found the charger:-) I had left it at my mothers...
So now I can show you the finished arm warmers that I knitted for my friend Sara as a birthday gift. It's almost two weeks since I finished them and now I can give them to her!

Black and white arm warmers for Sara!

Friday, October 19

Friday catastrophe

I had a million things to show you but now we can't find the charger for our digital camera! This is really bad...as a temporary solution I' going to borrow my brothers camera tomorrow. But then I don't know what we are going to do, we have already been through the entire apartment.
Here's some old photos from my mothers garden, both Emil and the orange things fit in a Halloween theme?

Emil being pretty!

Have a really nice weekend!

Wednesday, October 17

A fall crown dressed in ivy

I made one of my crowns the other day, this time in a larger format. I thought it would look good to dress it up in green leafs from nature! So I did and I documented it to show you:

Steel wire, some appropriate leafs or branches or what ever you have in hand and cutting pliers.
I used a green steel wire to attach the branches.
I tried to look at it from different angles but still it didn't look good...
I'm redoing it with something else than ivy, I thought it looked too straggling? Moss will probably work better, with beads and a ribbon? I'll show it again when I'm pleased with the result!

Thanks for the ideas on getting my inspiration back. I'm spending a lot of time on flickr and found my old magazine clipping book and tomorrow I'm taking a long walk!That will be good both for my body and mind!:-)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 16

Ceramic Tuesday

The first Ceramic Tuesday this fall! It's about time!:-) These pieces are in preparation for my itty bitty etsy opening in November (see now I can even say a date for the opening). I'm going to have a Christmas theme on my etsy and these are ceramic Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree or just in your home. They are in untraditional Christmas colours and I'm not to sure on how good they are going to sell. But there are more coming from the gingerbread/ceramic oven!;-)
I've lost my inspiration totally. Except for these gingerbread ornies I just sit there all empty! I made this leaf from looking at a leaf...and then I couldn't come up with anything...I'll just have to keep looking in magazines and blogs I guess. Do you have a suggestion on how to get inspired again? Anyway, this is a 12 cm big leaf to hang in a window or on the front door. It was really hard to photograph well because it kept moving (this is up against our fridge:-)

Three little piggies and some stars! The stars are not really black but more bronze coloured.
Anybody care for some blue gingerbread ladies to hang in their home? Blue could be a Christmas colour, couldn't?

Some blue ornaments and some lack of inspiration, that's all from me today!
And thank you for all the kind comments on my ATC's! You're the best!

Sunday, October 14

Fall ATC's

A lot of blogging this weekend for me! Today I'm showing you my latest ATC's, this time more Fall inspired and with a hint of Halloween. We don't celebrate Halloween so much here but I still think that orange is a good fall color and from there it's not hard to add a spider;-) I'm thinking of framing these and hang them on the wall of my upcoming crafting room. Yes. I'm thinking of the big room in our new apartment that is going to be all mine!!!I'm doing a lot of home decorating in my mind at the moment and I can't wait to get started for real! But on the other hand it's a bit sad that I wont be able to decorate for Christmas in my own home since that is when we'll be moving. But I can still do Christmas crafting and sell in my etsy!!

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, October 13


I have always crafted ever since I was a kid, I remember making earrings out of those colourful paper clips and necklaces and them wearing them to school. But lately I haven't made jewellery I think the last time was in January this year or something. But late last week I sat down to look at my beads and started to make some just for fun and out came these four pairs that I actually like!

Some glass beads and a little time on your hands and this is what I made!

P.s Ceramic Tuesday is starting again on Tuesday!

Friday, October 12

The loveliest season of them all

Fall! I love this time of the year when it's still warm some days and the trees have the most beautiful colours! There is beauty everywhere, I can not walk or cycle somewhere with out stopping or regretting not stopping to bring something in with me. A chestnut still in it's shell, a leaf or an autumn flower!
This week I've been house sitting for my mother and since she has a garden and her house is close to a park I've been making some wreaths from chestnuts, moss and some flowers of the garden. I saved most of the pictures on my little brothers computer that's why I only have a few picture of my creations. But you can go over to my flickr if you would like to see more.

Today was my last day at the school where I have had my practical training now for four weeks. This means that my normal live of blogging can now start again. It has been four exhausting but fun weeks, I've made a lot of art with the children and writing and reading and lots more! All our work ended in an exhibition in the schools library today. I love being a teacher but I really have to get used to getting up early in the mornings...:-)
Since I'm updating you on my life I should also mention that we sold out place and are moving in December! This is probably going to affect my blogging in January and February but that's still far in the future!

Have a great Friday, I know I will :-)

Friday, October 5

Christmas ornaments

J is in London so as always when he's gone, I've been crafting a lot again! This time for a swap I'm in over at swap-bot: Christmas ornaments! I know there is still a few month before Christmas is here but this swap is for the end of October and I had to make five.
I had been thinking of this one for a long time, I wanted to make something old fashion but not too traditional. I found some vintage dish towels in a sturdy cotton and a grey linen fabric that was perfect for what I wanted to do. I made five different "Santa socks" or Christmas socks, i don't know what to call them...I really like how the turned out and are going to do them in a larger format to sell in my etsy. By the looks of it, my etsy is going to be up and running closer to Christmas!
The weather was really good today so I took some different pic's on them in my mothers garden. Here's the result:

I liked this picture the best, just randomly thrown into the laundry basket with the autumn sun shining on them!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 2

A birthday and a fall market

I really had a nice weekend! It has been J's birthday so we had some people over for a lovely dinner and good wine;-) And then on Sunday my mother and I went to the local fall-market to look at all kinds of handicrafts and taste good home made jam, apple juice and bread. I got really inspired to make a autumn garland to hang on the door. All I had with me was my cellphone camera so the pictures are not as clear as I had hoped, but here's some inspiring pic for you as well!
Something to make in my next ceramic class?

I loved the one made from moss and chestnuts, so simple and yet pretty! Think that will be yet another project this upcoming weekend!

happy Wednesday!


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