Thursday, October 28

Good day or should I say Goddag, my dear blog readers,
I can see that I have Swedish readers perhaps more than English (speaking)readers. Should I perhaps write in my native language instead of English?
I started this blog three years ago, when I had just come home from a year in New Zealand and my English was better and sharper. So, it was natural for me to write and read in English. But over the years, I finished my studies in Swedish and now only work and read Swedish. What do you think, more posts written in Swedish?

I have promised some picture of the creative life I have started again. This is a finished collage one a theme I started two years ago, you can see it here and here. I even sold one of them. And now I have tow more one their way to be finished.

I also have a big project going on. We are buying a new sofa and I still think that the old one is OK, but once a pone a time it was white. Now, not so much. I have decided that I want to sew a new cover for it, with a little inspiration from this.

I have my hands full for a while now! Thank you for commenting and have a nice weekend!


Wednesday, October 27

On Friday we are going away for the weekend. It's a wedding present that we are caching in now. And this was a weekend in Gothenburg. So, on Friday directly after work we are taking the train and going out for shopping! My mission is to find a pair of booths, perhaps these?
Hopefully we will have some good food experiences and some drinks. I'll be back tomorrow to show some of the pictures I talked about in the last post.

Have a good one!

Sunday, October 24

Good afternoon,

I'm still here and I have been thinking. I read this post and it hit me, this is exactly what has happened to me. I let Facebook take to much in my internet activity and it sucked all creativity out of me. it is also through that post I discovered So Now I'm setting up an account over there. So the lesson of the week is, spend less time on facebook and you will have more time to other networking activities. (I know it's obvious)

As an result of my learned lesson me and the husband went out for a photo-day, with the theme: Movement. and we took lots of photos! Perhaps I will have the time to show them to you later this week!

The up-coming week I will have more time to create and to put together two swap parcels. I have two new knitting projects that I have to finish before it gets really cold over here. So, in total I think this blogging for creativity is working for me. It would help even more if I knew who I was blogging for, do I have any readers?

Friday, October 15

Private swap?

Private swap?
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting

Good afternoon my dears!

I've been thinking of the blog all week! And I've longed to write another post, so that is good for the future of blogging. Hope everything is good with you?
I have had a stressful week but to day I had time at my hairdresser and that gave me time to relax and get into weekend mode:-)

As a steep towards getting into my creativity again I posted a question in my flickr profile, if anyone wanted to do a privet swap with me. I got two responses, from two girls that I know and have swapped with before.
One swap is going to be about art cards, with a vintage theme and lace. Just what I like! The second swap is going to be a traditional swap, with craft materials, fabrics and buttons. All with a colour theme. I will post pictures of the swaps when they are ready!

Tonight I'm off on a date with my husband, it's dinner and a move. Hope that your weekend will be great, see you next week!

If you have time, do write and tell be about how you get your creativity going again?

Saturday, October 9

I'm back!

Hello my dear old blog!

I think I'm back. Ever since I stopped blogging in 2009 I have waited for my inspiration to come back. I really missed it. But it only came back in small portions and never stayed for long. This was such a big part of me that were gone. Over the summer I got married and tried blogging in Swedish. But that too failed me. I have been thinking of it for a long time and come to the conclusion that it will never come back if I don't work on it. I have to force the creativity to come back in my life!
If you have any tips out there on how to get the inspiration and creativity back into my life, let's hear them!

So slowly I will be opening this blogg up again. Perhaps only once a week to start with and then more often. And I could need all the encouragement I can get, so if I have some old readers out there, let me know!?

So what is going on you creative life? Do you have any tips and ideas to share? As for me, I've just wrapped up some cute gifts for my nephew in all pastel colours well suited for a boy. But I also have my thoughts on Christmas, Christmas card to be more specific. Perhaps I should get started early this year? So that I will finish on time and actually send them!

Above, you see pictures of the birthday boy with his grandmother and my view writhing this. I think that if I'm going to get this blog going again I need to look over the tags, layout and update my profile. This is going to be fun!



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