Saturday, September 29

Here's a link I found at my flickr friend pookieville's blog go over there and do some good!

Enjoy you Saturday!

Tuesday, September 25

A belayed birthday gift half way done... The wrist warmers are for a friend and lately I have been knitting a lot on them, so they should be able to be finished by the next time I see her?
This weekend at the flea market I had tons of time to knit and people came up to me and asked if I was selling yarn, but so far I don't have a stash big enough to sell!

Lately I haven't had time to read all your blogs but soon when all this selling of our place is over I'll be there again to read and get inspired by all you talented people out there!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 23

Selling and buying

I've been tired all week from working and neglecting the blog!So, I'll have to start blogging on Sundays which is something I haven't done before (Sundays are lazy days!)

This weekend I, together with my two brothers have been selling our stuff at a local flea market. This was so much fun! We where there both Saturday and Sunday and sold most of our old things. This is such a good way of getting rid of all your old stuff and buying some new;-) Because I did buy a lot!
Here's all my beautiful finds from the weekend! I found bargain prize buttons and bought a whole bunch and cotton yarns and lace! This really comes in hand for all my swaps!The other stuff is for decoration, love the little turquoise candlestick the most!
This is me, my brother and his girl friend. I'm looking real happy here!:-) Now that I can't craft in my home I'll have to get my creative juices flowing from buying supplies instead!

Tomorrow I'm going to do art with the children in school and that way I get some creative outlet, hopefully... I'll see if I can show you some of the work on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Have a good Sunday night!

Thursday, September 20

i'll be back soon

Thank you for all the kind comments on my ATC's! It's always fun to see that people like the things that I do:-) At the moment there's not much time over for blogging...we are selling our place and now for the last couple of days we've been cleaning!
Go over and look here and see our home on display!
So at the moment all I'm doing creatively is knitting on the wrist warmers but I'll be back in the weekend for some more:-)
Enjoy your Friday!

Sunday, September 16


Tomorrow turned into a few days...But life happened and a smashed window on my mothers car when I had it...
But that was not what I'm supposed to show you today. I want to show you my new ATC's I made on a fling late Tuesday night. I found a lot of inspiring magazine clips and started to put some ATC's togeter and since it's so addicting I just kept on until the night became early morning:) These are some of the best I have ever made and I love the colours, all in faded pastels and sepia! My favourite at the time!

This is how I start, by laying them all out on a tray and moving the pieces of papers or ribbons around to see where it looks the best. I also often work in rounds, so that I start with one layer of paper and picture and the I walk away form it for a while or work on something else and then come back again to ad another layer. I don't know if this makes sense...

This was my absolute favourite!
Here's the finished ones! I really liked these and should have kept my favourites since most of them are now traded with other ATC artists:) But I'm already working on a new batch for next week!

Do you have a certain way to work on your craft/art?

Enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, September 12

I've been tagged

My moo stickers came today! This is for a little swap I'm doing with memmu but I'll write more about that tomorrow.....Because today I've been tagged! By Miss* Laurence over at Be crafty Be happy

I think I'm the last person in blogland that's been tagged (not sure if that's good or bad) and I don't think there is anything interesting with my life at the moment. All I do is go from Uni to home and somewhere in between I try to squeeze in some blogging.

Here's the rules:
  • Give the link to my tagger and post these rules!
  • write down 7 interesting things about me and share with my readers
  • Tag 7 other bloggers and link to them in the end of my post
  • let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
So, here goes...

1. When I was bout five my father broke the frames to his glasses, the glass pieces of itself where intact. While looking for his spear pair he put the pieces on the kitchen table where I saw them! To me, the two perfectly shaped pieces of glass looked like a treasure. I took them with me and started to dig a whole in our garden, just by the mailbox (so that I would be able to find them the next day) then my mother came and told me that it was time for bed and I forgot all about the treasure. Until a couple of hours later when both my parents came and woke me up and asked if I had seen my fathers glasses? My reply: No, it must have been Fredrik (My younger brother) who took them! The next day I hurried out to try to dig them up but I couldn't find them! My father had to buy a new pair of glasses and it was not until I was in my late teens before I told them...In other words I lied a lot when I was little.

2. To my big annoyance I can understand a lot of Spanish but hardly speak a sentence!

3. For the most part of my time at Uni I have lived in Sweden but worked in Denmark.

4. After living in New Zealand for a year far far away from my crafting supplies, my creativity almost exploded. It was after coming home I started this blog to get an outlet for all the suppressed creativity that I'd carried around for a year...

5. My mother tough me to knit when I was about 7 or 8 and still I go home to her when here is something that I can't figure out...

6. I'm addicted to flickr and I have to sign in and have a look everyday. On days where I don't have to be at Uni I spend hours looking and forget all about course work...:-)

7. I'm the big sister of two very annoying but o so loveable boys, Fredrik and Adam, after hearing the first story it's a miracle that they still want to hang out with me:-)

Don't judge me to hard...But this was a little about me!

I won't be tagging someone else!

Monday, September 10


Between Uni just started and the buying and selling of our home and the fact that next week I start my four week practical training (which means working full time with out pay) I also started two almost three new knitting projects....
Yes, know this is stupid but what can I say?! I love knitting and it's the perfect thing to do now when it's getting darker and colder.

This is going to be a belated birthday gift for a friend, long wrist warmers/sleeves. They are going to be striped black and white in the most soft alpaca! Don't worry, she knows what I'm doing and she has already seen this pic, it was her birthday gift...I have also started on a new shawl for myself in a mohair yarn with blues and browns;-) I can never have to many shawls!

On top of all that, I also bought some yarn at etsy The plucky knitter, on for myself and one as a birthday scarf for J!! This is so fun,I love spending time at etsy!
and apparently I also love having lots to do....

See you!

Friday, September 7

Sweater part II

It took me two nights to sew the sweater together and now it's finished! I've been wearing it all afternoon to see how it feels and it feels good! I'm proud of myself for doing almost exactly as the pattern told me to:-) I should have made the arms a little longer but one the other hand I like 3/4 arms:-)

This is the book I've been using. Sorry, this is mostly for those of you how are Swedish. Detta är en rikitgt bra stickbok for både dem som har stickat länge men också för dem som är nybörjare (som jag). Om man vill köpa den går det att hitta den på Bokus för en billig peng! Här finns också massor av mönster till halsdukar, handledsvärmare och mössor!
Here's a bad picture of me wearing the sweater:-) Hi!
So here it is! what do you think about a ribbon sewn on the edges of the sleeves and body? I do no, just feel like embellishing it a bit!:-)

Tonight a friend's coming over and we are going to knit all night, YAY!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 6

Moo cards and celebrations!

Today is a good day, it feels like fall but the sun is shining and it's also a day of celebrations. We signed the papers for our new apartment. Yes, we are finally moving to a bigger place! And today me and J have been together for exactly 3 and a half years! A lot of things to celebrate in other words...We are moving in December so there is still some time before I get my own crafting room!!!;-) I can't wait! We celebrated with coffee and chocolate, then J had to get back to work...
But that is not why I'm blogging today. Yesterday my moo cards arrived. Yes, the much talked about moo cards from flickr. I thought since I'm opening an etsy it would be a good idea to have some cute little calling cards to give out to friend and family.

There are a 100 cards in one pack! I now enjoy laying them all out and just look at them. Fore those of you who don't know about this. Moo cards are little cards made from your own pictures at flickr. You choose which part of the picture that are going to be on your card, which makes them very personal, here are some of mine.
On the back you can write you contacts, like email, etsy and blog addresses and a little picture!
I have also orders stickers with my pictures on them but they have not yet arrived. Fluffy Flowers also got her moo cards recently! So cute!

Be sure to stay tuned for the sweater update tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 5

Sweater part I

This odd looking things is a sweater I've have been working on this vacation. It's also the first sweater I've made from a pattern!! (the second sweater in my whole life). Off course, I have not yet sewn it together....
This was a pattern that was perfect for a beginner as me and I liked how every piece is knitted together instead of sewn together! It looks more professional that way! The front piece is knitted in two long pieces, if you where wondering which is what here;-) I'm going to sew them together and make a V-neck.

In this picture the arms look uneven but I have counted the stitches and am sure that they are right...
This wonderful thing helped me count which row I was on but I can not for the life of me find the right name of it in English. In Swedish we call it a row counter? If anyone knows, please let me know?! The pattern is from a book we (my mother & I) bought early this summer and now I can't remember the name of it (It's at my mothers now) So, if anyone are interested in making this be sure to see part II of this sweater. I'll post a picture of the finished sweater and the book!

I'd better hurry up with finishing this up, because it is getting colder here!

Tuesday, September 4

craft & creativity on your vacation

This week I'll continue on the theme: craft & creativity on your vacation. For travelling in Denmark I had my knitting and watercolours with me. This was because I knew there would be losts of beautiful scenery for me to paint and since we travelled by car, knitting was perfect! I have almost finished the started sweater, all that remains is sewing it together and I have already shown you some of the views I painted. But we also went to Stockholm for a couple of days by train. When travelling by train watercolours ain't the best! On the way up I had my podcasts and a book.

But while we where there I bought some new pens! (I love pens!) Artist pens from Faber- Castell. It feels like drawing with a brush and the colors are so rich.
And I also bought this coloring book full of abstract motifs!
This was a perfect "no-brainer" activity on the train home again. Coloring and listening to podcasts, I felt like a child again!:-)

What crafts do you bring on your vacation?

Monday, September 3

I'm back!

I'm back, from what it feels like, a long blog vacation.

Today I had my first day of the semester at Uni for the last time. This is my last semester and then I'll be all grown and ready to go to work!!!(a bit scary) This is the beginning of something new and to celebrate that I've made some changes here on the blog. New colours, tags on every post and a little pic of me;-) This is me jumping on a gigantic trampoline at a place in Denmark we stayed in. O, I had fun!!
There are going to be some more changes as the time progresses but other than that I'm back to swapping and planing my etsy and just being creative. I'll have some more children's crafts and later into fall I'll start with ceramic Tuesday again. Here are some more pic from our vacation

I got to do some painting on the beach!
Everywhere you looked there was beauty like this!


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