Monday, June 30

Knitting inspiration!

I've been flicking throw all my knitting books for a good project for our vacation. But didn't find anything good, then I turned to flickr instead and put together this inspiration mosaic!
Knitting is the best portable craft project and I'm thinking of staring with a neck warmer in a nice turquoise wool yarn. But all these are projects (click on the picture to see how made all these things)that I would like to make one day. It's also funny how you can see what my favourite colours are here!

Take care, I'll be back here in three weeks with lots of pictures from our trip in Europe!

Friday, June 27

Thank you!

Thank you for all the comments on the Vacation blogparty!
It was so much fun to see so many different vacation locations. Mr J starts his summer vacation on Monday and we where so inspired to go somewhere, so yesterday I booked and planed our 16 days of interrailing in central Europe! Yes, we are leaving on Tuesday and are going to Mainz (city in Germany), Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw and and finishing off in Berlin! This is all new cities for me and I'm so exited! I have a lot of plans for blogging while I'm out, I'm going to learn how to blog from my cellphone....I saw that it had this function a couple of weeks ago and started to think about how it really works...we'll see if I figure it out!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26

V A C A T I O N !!

My dream vacation is a trip that we took two years ago and a place that I would love to go back to again and again; Bali
For the first couple of days I like to stay at the hotel and just relax. Walk around the hotel area, stay by the pool and read!
It's easy to relax when the surroundings look like this...
After a couple of days I get restless! I have to see more of this beautiful island! And what more suiting than to see temples when yo are in Bali?! What beautiful views!
The royal temple: entrance
The royal temple area, with the beautiful temple building with multistoried roof and Balinese Architecture.
You can't go to a warm Asian country without enjoying at least one sunset! This is from Kuta beach the party place in Bali!
We stayed in all sorts of hotels, but even in the simplest of place the bed looked like this! I loved their interior designs ans wished I could ship it home...
This is a picture from a day when we where walking the streets of the shopping town Ubud. This was a wedding party and just before I took this picture the street was full with people dressed in all colours and happy faces!
This is me, sitting at a café and reading in our Lonely planet about our next destination. It really is the best companion for travelling on your own!
Ubud is the ultimate shopping place in Bali. Here I bought lots of beads to make my own jewellery with and books and little spa gifts for the people at home!
Back to the beach, here I'm waiting for Mr J to finish his jet skii adventure. He was so happy after those 15 minutes on a jet....:-)
Rice fields, is also something you have to see when you are in Bali!
More hidden temples!
and beautiful views!
Colourful flowers!
and green...
Last but not least...drinks! Remember to drink a lot when the weather is hot:-) Well, not so much this kind of drink...But it's never wrong with a Long island ice tea, you are on an island and icetea is good! Hope you'll enjoyed my dream vacation, now I'm off to see more dream destinations! Join in the fun!

Wednesday, June 25

Mail goodies!

Some days I don't know what to post about and most of those days I don't post. Today was such a day, but when I came home from having lunch with Mr J and found another parcel for me from my FAA lucky parcel partner( By the way Karin, I think the FAA stands for Fabric addicts anonymous). I thought I could post about the joy of not always getting bills in the mail!

Here's the last fruit parcel I received today. This means no more mail parcels until late August...
Even though I not a Hello Kitty fan, there was lost of cute things in this parcel, the little rubber stamps was a favourite! The FAA lucky parcels group is a private group but there are lots of other groups over on flickr and swap-bot and I would be more than happy to start a new group if anyone is interested?

Tuesday, June 24

Home from Gotland

We are back from a beautiful trip to Gotland, an island here in Sweden. We celebrated midsummer/summer solstice there and had lovely weather and a great time! In the mean time there has been a travelling feast here in blogland and I have had lots of visitors here! Thank you all for commenting, I'm trying to get around to everyone and see their part of the world!

This is a long stone ship from circa 500 AD, Gotland has lots of these all over. This was placed in a field with horses!
Here I'm standing by the ring wall that goes all around the town, Visby. It's from around the 12th century!
This is a rauk which is a Swedish word for a stone column created by natural erosion, many of the rauks in Fårö have been eroded into unusual shapes.
This was the only bad weather we had the whole weekend and it never got any closer. But it gave us a beautiful view!

Now you got a second view of what my country looks like! There are a lot of beautiful places here and I would love to see more of my own country but I also love to travel. That why it's so good that another friend blogger of mine is having this: Let's go on vacation! on Thursday! You can travel without leaving your place in front of the computer!

Wednesday, June 18

Welcome to my part of the world!

Welcome to my city, Helsingborg! It is located in the south of Sweden and very close to an other Scandinavian country Denmark. You can go from Helsingborg to Helsingor in 20 minutes with a ferry!

This is a very famous statue of Magnus Stenbock and in this picture the student are all walking around him, seven times, to get good luck in their future careers, which is a tradition for all students here in Helsingborg
In this picture you can see the Town hall and old and beautiful building
Here's a more contemporary building and also one of my favourite shops here, Noa Noa, Danish design that make the most beautiful clothes!
The last picture I have is a bit bad, since the weather here isn't always nice...But if you look closely you can see the water down there by the harbour!

P.S Thank you Laurence for hosting this fun day! I look forward to travelling around all the other blogs here!!

Tuesday, June 17

A toadstool in a hailstorm

Yesterday the summer weather here turned bad, we had a hailstorm and it rained and rained...So, I was inside in my studio all day listening to the rain falling on the windows.

When browsing the internet I found this tutorial and from that I made my first toadstool.
I have wanted one ever since I saw this for the first time and this and this! She has a shop but have stoped making these and I never was fast enough to get my hands on one.
So, I had to make my own. I'm not so pleased with this but I loved that I could make something,that I had seen and wanted for a long time, on my own! You could do it too!

Crafting is power!?

Monday, June 16

A red & aqua post

I often forget to post picture of the parcels that I receive in the mail, but not this time! Here are two out of three red & aqua parcels:

The first one is from jek in the box
and it was full with great things, mostly I liked the small printed fabrics!
The second one is from Sylviascreation
here I really liked the felt and the embroidery floss!
This is how mine turned out! I found this really pretty lantern to put all the stuff in and I'm pleased with the turnout. Now I won't have time to do a FAA- swap in a looong time...
and here's the content!

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 13

Friday the thirteenth!

This is the second time having this blog that I use Friday the thirteenth as a post title! Maybe this is not such a good day to be listing new items on etsy? Well, well I did it anyway! So here they are, the much talked about apple pincushions with an apple tag and apple buttons!

Pink, for those who like that!
White and red, my favourite!
The red & aqua, also a favourite combo!
Or the sour green apple with a twist of liquorice!

I'm still working on adding my esty to the blog side bar....

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 12

Let the crafting begin!

My first morning and I feel re-born:-) I got up at 9 had some breakfast in front of the tv...(that's a thing that will have to change) and then I sat at the computer listening to this while I added photos to flickr and looked through my emails. And this is what I've been doing since then: I'm starting to put the second swap parcel together for the FAA lucky parcel swap Red & aqua. Look at the ribbon with the ducks! Isn't it cute!
And laying out things that look good together for the summer chunky pages. I've used a cut up noa noa catalogue as a background and the theme is summer vacation ...
These are going up on the walls in the bedroom when they are finished. It's the same catalogue pictures in a larger format. I have an idea in my head on how they are going to look when they are finished, we'll see if I'll ever get there. This is the hardest part of the collaging process, but then I guess that every art project is somehow hard before you get to where you want to be.
I'm just rambling...

But speaking of vacation I going to take part in this little blog -get-together over on mommy holly's blog. It's about your dream vacation and about getting there without really going there:-) She explains is much better than I do! Go over there!

Wednesday, June 11

Summer holiday

The place to be in the next couple of weeks

Today my summer holiday started! We had a lovely ceremony at the school and I said goodbye to all my students! Which is a mixed feeling:( I got lots and lots of flowers and some nice little gifts:-)and tomorrow I can sleep in!

Tuesday, June 10

New crisp white!

I feel like blogging!:-)I have so much that I would like to share with you and I haven't been blogging in a while. I've finally changed the blog template to a crisp white one and are now just figuring out how to add a new photo in the header and to add my etsy in the side bar.... I'll be adding these to the shop in the beginning of next week! And hopefully you'll just have to click here in the side somewhere and you'll be in my shop within seconds!
And this is just a little pic of what I got in the mail last week. All the way from Israel and cats or dog in the FAA lucky parcel group!

Monday, June 9

Parties, parties parties...

We've been to so many parties this weekend! The first and the biggest was my youngest brothers graduation party! When finishing the last year in upper secondary school here in Sweden it is celebrated with a big party and the students are wearing these white hats and a big sign with a picture from when they where children (Preferable a humiliating picture)

Here he is, on his way to his family with his (very good) grades in hand! He is so handsome!

Here we are, the three siblings! I have two very handsome brothers both much taller than me! We went to two more parties that weekend but with out the camera! Though I have a lot to blog about I'll have to come back to you tomorrow! Until then...

Wednesday, June 4

Summer here I come!

My blog life can start again! I have five days off from work and soon soon it's time for my summer holiday!! This means that I'm starting swapping again, going to upgrade my much neglected etsy shop with the apple pin cushions and just put my feet up and do nothing sometimes:-)

FAA Lucky parcels swap # 20: Fruits
Here they are again the apple pin cushions that I love making so much. I have about 8 or 9 that are ready to be put in the shop. They are going to be sold together with some cute buttons!

So good to be back!


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