Saturday, August 30

Rowanberry wreath

Posting on a Saturday! That never happens...Lately I've been having fall feelings. So when I was at my mothers this Tuesday and saw this wreath that she had made from rowanberries I was inspired to make one myself. Maybe to hang on the inside of my door. Today the weather is almost like summer again but I going to go berry picking and then we'll see what I'll make for my door. maybe you'll be inspired to make something too?

Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, August 28

Lavender pouches!

This thrifted table cloth was made into little lavender pouches. I found it in a bargain bin together with lots of other nicer table cloths. This is a little discoloured and was perfect for this project!
Here's some other lavender pouches in a heavy linnen fabric with thrifted buttons and lace.
This is how they turned out, I added some pink smell buttons. I'm going to add them to my etsy, so head over there if you feel like giving your clothes a lavender scent! :-) At the moment I love these lavender teabags!

Tuesday, August 26

I <3 Tea

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Yes, tea is a favourite drink! And lately I've been inspired to make more tea related crafts and here's a mosaic all with tea crafting ideas! I really want to make lavender tea bags! But first I have to find a good fabric...

To get the tea crafting bug out of my system I'll head over to swap-bot to look for some kind of tea swap. Or do anyone here like to do a tea swap with me? Or we could do a tea party again here in blogland? I'm not sure I'm the right person to coordinate it...but if there's an interest, we'll see!

Now I'm going back to flickr to look at more tea-inspiration!

Sunday, August 24

In the making

In the making
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This is going to be little lavender pouches. My mother has lots of lavender ready to be made into pretty little pouches and since I'm free on Tuesdays...I'm going to use most of the day to sew! I can't wait!:-) remember last year?
Today we have had the most beautiful weather here, with the sun shining all day! I've been on the balcony with Picasso sorting through all my magazines and cutting out pictures and articles that I liked and felt inspired by. I was so inspired that I had to go inside and put together some parcels and continued on to these lavender pouches! All in all, a good Sunday!

A good night to you all....

Thursday, August 21

Eye candy for you!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my collages! I had a question if I'm going to sell them and yes I'm thinking of putting them up in my etsy shop. But that won't happen until next week.

Picasso had his first encounter with the ourdoors and I think he liked it. I little too much perhaps. He is going to be an indoor cat and to be let on on a leash. He is also getting better and better on jumping up on high heights, like the kitchen counter which is bad...

Since I'm back to working again I haven't done anything creative yet but I have been glaring at different online stores. I especially liked the Danish shop Greengate I would love to get me some pillows and quilted blankets! since I'm in Fall mood, I really fell for these clothes from Wikstenmade! I don't think they are out in shop just yet...
And this new
catalogue is also great eye candy!

Tomorrow is Friday, maybe I'll stop by!

Tuesday, August 19

#3 & 4

Here's the last two collages I'm still working on the fifth. Maybe I should mention again that the pages are from a Noa Noa fashion catalogue. They inspired me so much, with the pale colours and the women. I just had to do something with them!

Collage #4- Left "Why, you should call sometime"
Collage #3- Indifferent "Should she go to him" "He said, we can't meet tonight I'm afraid"

Tomorrow is the last day before the pupils comes and so far I still like my new job:-)

Until next time....

Monday, August 18

Finally the collages are ready!

Four out of five collages are finally ready but I can't upload them all today since blogger is not collaborating...Here are the two first ones called mållös (dumbfounded in English) and Bedragen (deceived) they are all inspired by love gone wrong somehow...I thought it was such a fun theme! I'm now thinking of making ATC's in the same theme:-)

There is Swedish text incorporating in the collages and I have to find a way to show that better in the photos. I'm really pleased with the result and love that the texts I found was so ironic and a bit bitchy:-) I'm definitely find a way to show you them all and maybe in a bigger picture!!
Now I'm off to a concert with a Swedish band called Svenska Academin!!

See yo more tomorrow!

Friday, August 15

Thank you!

As I mentioned the other day I've been given an award from Nordic craft! or the great blogger friends "gold card". I don't have many readers on this blog and sometimes I consider stop blogging, what's the point? But then these kind of things come along and again I really think this is a great way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with other people...I have ups and downs here a lot....I now have to nominate some other blog friends and here's the rules for those of you that's nominated by me!

The rules for this award are:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

1, the first one that I would like to nominate is Felicia over at the Fluffy Flowers blog. I think she was the first reader outside Sweden to comment on my blog and she has given me a lot of advise about this world. I find her blog very inspiring and love here creatures!
2. Another great blogger is Laurence at the be crafty be happy , maybe just maybe this little award can get her spirit going again!
3. Gunnels blog is a blog that always is a great inspirational source to me. I love her ATC's at the moment!
4. For the love of sewing and fabrics, you have to visit Erleperle. A Danish blogger with a great sense of style!
5. The newest addition to my google reader is Chez Larssons. This blog is more into interior decorating and it's full of great ideas if you live in a small place, it's a must go and see!

I'll be back on Monday with some new collages that I've made. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 13


Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
Here's another collage from our trip to Holland, we visited my aunt who lived in Meppel and this little pretty town was just outside Meppel.

Today I had my first day at work and need I say that I'm tired now and have been all night! But I think it's going to be fun teaching Swedish as a second language and by the looks of it I'm going to have Tuesdays off!

I've been given a award by Karin on the nordic craft blog
come and see who I'll give it to on Friday! :-) Here's a little new shop I have recently discovered: Snirkla it's a Swedish online shop and it has lots of eye candy!

Be back here in Friday!

Tuesday, August 12

More swapping...

My creation
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
Once again I have a post about my swapping...this time it was the numbers, letters and words- swap. A really hard one to make in my opinion. I didn't have any fabric with text at all and I don't like to go shopping for supplies for every parcel I'm putting together, if I did this would be an pretty expensive hobby!

When I'm not putting parcels together in the last minute I'm enjoying my last day of vacation in the rain.... It has been raining for a long time now here in my part of the world and I'm looking forward to some sun again!

Now I'm going to go and relax and prepare for work tomorrow (I have to take a train at 7 p.m!!) See more tomorrow!

Monday, August 11

A weekend in amsterdam

Here's some pictures from the weekend in Amsterdam. It was me and my mother, we spent some days in Amsterdam and then one day in Meppel. It's a small town in the norths of Holland where my aunt lives.
I haven't started to upload the pictures from Meppel yet, there is always a lot to do when yo come home from a trip...
On Wednesday I start working and since I haven't worked in two moths I'm kind of nervous...I think I'll have to start preparing myself but I don't know how!! if yo have any tips, I'm glad to hear them...

I'll be back with more tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 6

A little more sewing...

As I said, I'm in a sewing mood at the moment. I had a go at soulemamas gratitude wrap, I didn't have any bias tape so it's not exactly the same....I think I'll try it some more before I'm completely satisfied with the result. I really like the idea!

Early tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a little weekend get away to Amsterdam together with my mother. This wrap also comes in handy for writing postcards on vacation and keeping a journal! A pocket for pens and one for the journal and one for the postcards!

I have some more links to share:
Buy fabric online, make a custom corkboard, or make this one instead!

See you on Monday with photos from our trip!

Tuesday, August 5

A little bit of sewing

Hi! Feels like it was a long time ago! A lot has happened, I've got a new job! Yes, the other was just temporary for six months and now I got a new one teaching Swedish as a second language to five, six and seven graders. This should be really interesting! I had the interview yesterday morning and in the afternoon they called me back. I celebrated by sewing all afternoon and here's the outcome; a new bag for work, quite big with plenty of room for all my books and other junk that I always carry around;-)
I'm really in the mood for sewing at them moment and I've discovered some really nice patterns and tutorials in other blogs, here's some links:

Happy sewing!


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