Friday, January 25

January Chunky pages

Even thought I'm not on internet so much at the moment I'm still in some swaps. This is the calender swap- January chunky pages. Here are two of the five I sent:

Hope January is treating you good:-)
Enjoy your weekend"

Wednesday, January 23

A new hat

I finally finished my hat. This is my first finished project of the year, 11 more to go. I joined this group over at flickr 12 project in 2008.

Here I am!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my graduation!

Sunday, January 20


January 2008
Yesterday I officially took my degree, we had a ceremony at my Uni and now I'm a teacher!
We didn't have a big party, we celebrated by eating at a nice restaurant and then Mr J flew to Malaysia and are going to be gone a week:-( Before he took off he and my mother gave me the best gift ever: A trip to New York in May!!! I love that city and can not imagine a better gift!
But I also got these beautiful little ones. I love jewellery from Abigail. I'm a happy girl now:-)

The collage here is for a calender I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. I thought I show each spread every month here. And if you feel like making your own calender join us at the 2008 calender swap!

Monday, January 14

At least I'm knitting...

Knitting is a good portable project to do when you don't have to much time. I've started this hat the day before new years eve and are now almost finished!

Here it is with just the top missing. I'm using a cotton/wool blend and the patterns is from the Swedish knitting book Sticka by Nina Sagulin. the same book I used when knitting the sweater.

Happy Monday to you all!

Saturday, January 12

Bye bye pink

Remember this?It now looks like this:
Tomorrow we are moving half off our stuff into this mess...In less than two weeks we also have to move into it...By then we are hoping it won't look like this. I'm still crafting some and I've started a new swap group over at flickr, come join us for the next swap if you like?

Thursday, January 10

I'm still here

I'm working and renovating and in between I try to sleep as much as possible :-) I never thought working would be this exhausting! Thank you, for all your comments on the wall paper, I think all of you liked the peacock eyes best. And I have now placed an order for it and hopefully it will arrive soon! You'll be the first to see the finished result!
Enjoy your Friday!

Sunday, January 6

What to hang?

I don't have much craft related matters to post about these days. But I do have some decisions to make about the wall paper for our living room. I have found these two 50s retro wall papers that I love and see potential in both.

This one is light brown with white, black and silver in it. Here I imagine one wall with this wall paper, the other wall are white. With a dark grey or brown couch and white or teak/Oak furniture.

This one is green in two different shades. I also imagine the other wall white for this one but here with a green couch in a linen fabric with mostly white and oak furniture. My mother only see this in the kitchen, but then she saw this a lot in her childhood. I love them both but the decision leans against the peacock eyes. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 2

The first day

New years eve was spent in our apartment, for the last time. We had a quiet night with good food and close people and of course, fire works! This new year will start big for me, I finish Uni, start working and in the same time we are moving and renovating the new home. Even though I feel like starting new swaps and try new crafting ideas, I will start slow this year.
This picture is clean, quiet and clear and I hope that is how January will be for me...
We had a little guest here, Emil was here the weekend since he was not too fond of the fireworks and it was more quite in our apartment. He on the other hand loved the glittery decorations!
Here's the table before we started eating. Hope your beginning was great!


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