Tuesday, September 30

A view of my home

Here's a little view of my home. The hall to be specific. It's a before and after picture of the mirror I painted last week. It's an old mirror that used to hang in the house that I grow up in.
So many people that are no longer with us have looked in this...and I like the thought of that! The theme for that hall is black & white & wood. As I will show you more of my home you'll see that the black is a theme for every room in our apartment.

Monday, September 29

shades of blue

shades of blue
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
This week it's the colour blue that captures me. Maybe because I'm feeling a bit blue since Mr J are gone and won't be back until Wednesday night.
Well, I have a lot to do while he is gone. I should soon have something to show from my ceramics classes and I have pictures from last weeks painting and I'm doing some more painting tomorrow. Soon everything will be black here...Haha, I should make a black mosaic next week!

Have a good Monday!

Thursday, September 25

My town

A couple of weeks ago we took the camera out for a walk in out town and took the most beautiful evening shots. Here's a little collaboration collage from me and Mr J. Enjoy!
The view from Kärnan

Tomorrow it's Friday!

Tuesday, September 23

FAA Parcel White & neutral

Here's the parcels that I'm sending out today. Loved putting these together, it's so easy when you like the colour combination. I have so much that are white or neutral coloured and I had them ready weeks in advanced. That never happens!
Today I have a lot to do. I have to get the painted furniture from my mothers to our apartment, paint some more thing I found! Get some more parcels ready and do the last ATC's...But it's all craft related things!

As soon as I have everything in place I'll take photos of our home. It's still not quite yet finished but we are getting there. We've been living here since February and it takes time if you don't want to buy everything new. And we don't... I still don't have curtains in every room! So much to do! :-)

See more tomorrow!

Monday, September 22

White & neutrals

This weeks colours are white & neutrals! I never get enough of these colours. These are the colours that I have in my home combined with some accent colours and its the colours that I love to use in my collages and ATC's. I also have a FAA swap made in these colours that I'm going to show you when I have put them in the mail.
This week is full of preparations for Mr J's birthday and getting three swaps ready and in the mail. I painted and old chest and a mirror this weekend and I hope to be able to show you that before the week I over.
I'm busy busy busy....

Friday, September 19

Blogs that become books!

I've found a new craft book! This one is Swedish made by a Swedish blogger. We don't have to many famous bloggers here and when I heard that she got the book deal after she had been blogging for a while, I just had to get the book. It's so inspiring as a blogger to she that she made it here in this little country! It's called Pyssel de lux and is full of great gift ideas! Like these little note pads shown on the picture below:

Or boxes with home made chocolates! This is what I would like to give as a little gift for someone!

She writes the blog Dear Martha where she writes pretend letter to Martha (The craft Goddess)
I've only recently discovered the blog and she has the most delicious recipes so go over there! And she writes in English!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18

Here, have some apple chips!

Well. I'm still home so I might just as well post a little. Yesterday I felt a little hungry for something sweet and since I couldn't go out I had to look through the cabinet's...We had lots of apples from my mothers garden. So I made apple chips! A really nice and healthy snack( I would think this was some kind of commercial). Well, I cut them up in nice thin slices and put them in the oven on 75 degrees Celsius (about 160 F) in four hours with the oven slightly open (all according to a recipe I found on the internet). They turned out great! Crispy just like a chips should be! This morning the jar was full, now...not so much...
I'm having a cup of tea and a hand full of home made apple chips! You should try it too, without the sore throat...

Wednesday, September 17

a creative mess

I never got around to paint yesterday, I was sick and I still am...Instead I'll show you a bit embarrassing picture and some new ATC's!

Here I am, crafting away. I didn't even see when Mr J took this picture! I've been very inspired by paper craft lately and if I can muster up some strength I'll do some more ATC's today!
I've forgot to tell you that I have started my ceramics class again. On Monday I had my first class! And we now have a new clay, a nice smooth white porcelain clay. I've collected lots of inspiring shapes from nature and started to make light holders. We'll see if they turn out to be good...Any how, Ceramic Tuesdays will be back soon!

Monday, September 15

pale pink

pale pink
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
I love colour and get most of my inspiration from colours! And I've been so inspired by all the nice collages that are made on flickr, that I had to make my own. I think I'll try to make it a weekly thing with a new colour every week. This week is pale pastel pink week :-)

I have a cold this week and are feeling rather under the weather....But if everything goes as planed I'll be painting an old chest I found in my mother basement tomorrow. I'll show before and after pictures!

Take care!

Saturday, September 13

Lovely September!

I hope you are having a good Saturday! The weather here is warm and a bit windy. But perfect for a nice cup of hot chocolate in the sun! I've been out shopping for birthday gifts and a goodbye gift. I'll show you what I chose another day (in case they are reading this):-)
Some nice September pictures!

Have a lovely Saturday night now!

Thursday, September 11

I call them Picasso pillows

Here are the windowsill pillows that I made the other day and even though he likes them and spent most of the evening sleeping on one of them. It was hard to get a picture with him on it when the light was good....this was the best shot and as you can see he is on his way!

I made two with some fibre fill in and from scraps of fabric, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. Maybe I'll have to make some more, one for every window we have...

I'm tired today, good thing it's Friday tomorrow! Will see if I have something for you by then!

Wednesday, September 10

An outdoor sewing room

An outdoor sewing room? I love the month of September. I don't have any expectations on the weather to be particular good or warm so when the weather is summery and worm, it's just a bonus! Yesterday was a good September day. So I moved the sewing machine outside and took the cat with me. We both had a great day! I'm working on new pillow cases for the living room but they are not finished yet. Instead I made windowsill pillows for my little cats sitting pleasure. I'll show you the picture of them tomorrow!

Sewing mess...

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 9

Colour boost

Color boost
Originally uploaded by Nifty loves crafting
Fall is getting closer and I need a boost of colour! Here are something for your looking pleasure...love these pictures!
Yesterday was a bad day for my computer and we were afraid it had seen it's last days. But today it's all good again. I better do back-up on all my things here! I'm off to my mothers to sit by the sewing machine again. I'll show you what I made later this week!

Have a good Tuesday!

Friday, September 5

ATC's finally!

It's Friday and I had a great day with my sweet pupils. I love ending the week like this! The weather is great and I have a fruit bread waiting for me down stairs. But first I have some things to share with you. All my talk about wanting to make some tea related crafts turned out to be harder than I thought. The only thing I could find on swap-bot was this ATC- swap. So I joined it and this too. But for that I had to make some ACT's again. I have not made ATC's since this Christmas and I have been wanting to make some new ones. And here are some of them, the rest I'm putting on flickr.

Have a great weekend, I know I will!

Thursday, September 4

Mail goodies!

Tuesday morning was a good morning. I got two lovely parcels in the mail, filled with new great things! The last numbers, letters and words FAA parcel arrived, with a nice selection of fabrics and letters to put on ATC's:
And a PIF- parcel from Finland that is beyond words. I don't think I have received a parcel this great in a long time! The theme was vintage (which I love) and all the stuff was just great! See more picture of it here!

If you have some time to spare do a test!
Tomorrow it's Friday!

Wednesday, September 3

More wreaths

Yesterday I had my day off again and spent it at my mothers crafting. This time I made a wreath but from rosehips. Here's a little picture list on how to make them:The berry of your choice may it be rosehip or rowanberries
You also need a sturdy steel wire and some pliers to make the shape you want. Here I made a heart with a little loop where the ends meet. This is both for assembling the ends and when you're are finished, to hang from. You also need a good cup of tea...;-)
Start slipping the berries on. When you are finished make a new little loop and join the two loops together. You can see it better in the heart wreath. To top of the wreath use a nice ribbon or as shown here, thicker hemp thread. (I couldn't find a better English word for it)
A nice red heart to all of you!

Monday, September 1

books books books

Making my own books is something that I've recently discover. At first I just took beautiful papers and sewed together with some nice brown paper to write on. But then I thought it would be fun to make a little nice collage on the front using a good picture and some ribbon and buttons! Here are the results and I think I'm going to put them out in the shop as well! I put everything there at the moment....
Here's some other sources of inspiration for making your own books: angry chicken & SouleMama


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