Monday, January 26

Organizing my environment

First step towards getting more inspired is to organize your stuff!
So I did!

That was one shelve...

Sunday, January 25

I have a plan!!!

I have a made a list and now I have a plan for 2009!

I made a calender this year, using this printer: QOOP

Wednesday, January 21

a night in my kitchen

Thank you for all the sweet comments lately! As I was trying to tell you, I don't really have the inspiration to write too much here on the blog. So, for a while (hopefully until I get the inspiration back) I'll post pictures and very few words...Hope that is OK with you!

Monday, January 19

Me, myself and I

I've been tagged my emsanpemsan: So here comes 16 facts about me!

1. At the moment I feel like going in winter hibernation...staying in and reading books and decorating magazines sounds good to me!

2. I love my job at the moment!!

3. Even though I soon will turn 28...I love celebrating my birthday!! (11th of February)

4. I have a sense of humour well adapted to primary school (or maybe even kindergarten ;-)

5. I love Baileys (I am having a little glass as we speak)

6. I've been blogging for two years and now I don't have the inspiration to continue...

7. I love flickr!! Who wouldn't!

8. I live with the love of my life...

9....and together we have the messiest apartment...

10... but we love life like this!

11 My family is important to me

12 I have a father in heaven and a mother on earth

13 I'm thinking of starting another blog...

14 I have a cat named after the great painter Picasso

15 I have a chines sigh tattooed on my shoulder which means brush

16 We'll see about the blogging thing...

Tuesday, January 13


The city I love and want to live in! It's a city you shop and eat in, my two favourite things!
Here's me and my mother walking the streets of Singapore.
We all took a trip to Sentosa Island, a man made island for the Singaporeans to come and relax!
here I am again..texting
We took a stroll in a Butterfly garden
the view from the cable cars to Sentosa Island, they are building a lot!

on our last day in Singapore I had the most delicious dumplings ever! It was little bits of heaving in my mouth...My mouths is watering just writing about them again...
I love shopping and next mission is to take photos of all the things I've bought!

Monday, January 12

Malaysia part III

With the risk of not having any readers left, I continue the pictures from Malaysia...I'm sorry, but I don't have anything crafty to share at the moment!

While on Langkawi we went on a tour among the mangrove trees I petted a Stingray!! That is my hands with the sunglasses and I'm contemplating what I've just did...
We saw eagles...
Some people hopped on a jetski, while others stayed in the shadow and slept...
and if you didn't realize it, we did not travel alone all the time. We had these two with us; my mother and brother! This is our new years dinner. We had the best prawns!
after a three course dinner we went down to the beach!

Have a nice Monday night!

Sunday, January 11

Malaysia part II

On Christmas we went out for a nice dinner and ended up in a crowded mall...but I had a really good and spicy tom yum soup! I'm not crying in the photo, just enjoying a spicy soup...
From Kuala Lumpur we headed to Cameron Highlands were we had great Indian food on banana leafs as seen on the picture
In Cameron Highlands they had a huge tea plantation and other agricultural things like strawberries, orchids and bee farms. Here we had typical English tea with scones and a beautiful view...
It's the new green leafs they pick for making tea...
After Cameron Highlands we headed to a nice paradise island, Langkawi. The two first days we stayed at a resort and relaxed and did nothing...
We had one of these bungalows on the water with a nice view over the sea. Going from backpacking and living in strange places this was a nice "break" in our vacation...

Tomorrow Malaysia part III and the I'll show you pictures from Singapore, the best city in the world! (according to me)

Saturday, January 10

Malaysia part I

OK, we are back and have been since Tuesday. But I had to go to work only to return home with a strange illness. For two days I had a severe migraine and vomiting for 2 hours (sorry for the details) But today I feel better, a bit weak but OK. So, now and for a couple of days forward I'll show pictures from our trip!
We started our long flight from London, Heathrow wiht some nice sushi on a conveyor belt!
I like sushi!
On our first day in Kuala Lumpur with found a high tower to climb up in to see the city from above...
Before we went up in the tower we had to walk around in the Winter park they had. Hihi, this was so much fun and so very warm....Not at all like winter...:-)
Here's the view; Petronas twin towers that used to be the worlds largest buildings...We where never up in those, only in the mall that's located on the first four levels where there is a mall...
On our second day we went to Batu caves which is a Hindu temple located in a limestone cave. Very beautiful!

Going through these pictures makes me want to go back. It was all to short! And the stay in KL had us thinking of maybe moving there one day ( in the nearby future) Since we meet up with one of Mr J's colleagues. How is also Swedish but have lived and worked there for about two years now. We could both work there. We'll see about those plans...

More pictures tomorrow!


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