Monday, April 14

Seven things about me that you didn't know

I've been tagged by Gunnel and I think I'll do the same as she did, here's seven things about me in pictures:

1. they say that me and my younger brother are very alike?
2. On April fool's day 2006 me and Mr. J fooled our family and friends that we got married just after moving to New Zeeland, here's our fake wedding photo.
3. When we lived in New Zeeland we lived on the 18th floor for six months (thats me down there between the cars)
4. I collect beautiful tea boxes from a brand called Kusmi tea
5. I'm a list maker. I cannot live without my lists, without them I'm lost...
6. I'll take a coup of tea and cake over any food= I'm a cake person
7. This comes as no surprise; I love buttons!

I won't tag anyone particular but if you feel up for it do the same thing over on your blog and leave a comment here so I can read seven things about you!


Gunnels blog said...

Kul att läsa lite om dig, och att du ockås la in bilder kanske kan bli en ny giv i "taggandet" om sig själv:-)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here


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