Thursday, May 22

A quick Hello

Hi everyone!
A lot of things are happening here in the end of the semester. I've been away for three days on camp with my class. Which has been really fun but tiring on me when we got back...This week has been full of outdoor activities and tests/examinations. Yes, we have that for 5 graders here:-) I love going to work and having so many challenging and fun activities planed for the pupils. Tomorrow we are going to sing at concert hall and before that we are going orienteering in the woods! But I'm not going to talk about work here on my crafting blog, instead I'll show you my latest buy:

New fabric from tilda

Simple sewing by Lotta Jansdotter and Bend the rules sewing by Amy Karol. It's obvious what I plan to do when work is over in less than two weeks!? I'm still just flicking through both books but there are already things that I can't wait to start!

Now I finally have some time to read your blogs!


Karin said...

fina tyger! jag har också köpt bend the rules, den verkar kul men jag har inte hunnit börja på nåt ur den ännu. låter som du kommer få en bra semester :) /karin b

Miss*Laurence said...

That's funny, simplied dot flowers are in vogue, I've just used some for my latest shirt transformation...
I've had a look at the books as well, let us know if they are really good and worth having.


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