Thursday, November 29

A Christmas marked in town

This Sunday I went to a Christmas marked here in town, it was dark and cold just like a Christmas market's should be! I got a whole lot inspiration to this years Christmas decoration and to show you I used my phone camera, so sorry about the blurry pictures:

I plan to have at least one amaryllis in my home this December!
A Swedish Christmas tree from the 1900, very pretty!
Hyacinth bulbs wrapped in sheets of note paper. I took to this idea immediately as you cab see the picture on the Ceramic Tuesday post.
Red apples, very Christmasy!
Hyacinths on a silver tray, love this green, silver and nature look!
Since it's so dark here now, we can never have to many candles in our homes!

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Gunnels blog said...

Så vackra bilder!


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