Friday, November 9

Knitting a shalw?

This is a quick show on how to make a easy shawl for yourself or someone else.

Start with two stitches on your needles

Increase one stitch on every row. You increase by knitting the first stitch as normal but then you knit the stitch from the last row. See were I'm pointing with the needle, this is the stitch I'm knitting.This is a fast knit, I'm using size 20 (European size) the bigger your needles are the faster it's knitted...
To embellish the shawl you could thread pearls on your yarn before you start and then evenly thread them on to your knitting.

I made this mini shawl in about 10 min so you could also made one for dolls ;-)

As an other suggestion I also made an example on a traditional yarn trim, like this:
This was all:-) Hope you got something out of this!

Happy Friday!

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