Sunday, January 20


January 2008
Yesterday I officially took my degree, we had a ceremony at my Uni and now I'm a teacher!
We didn't have a big party, we celebrated by eating at a nice restaurant and then Mr J flew to Malaysia and are going to be gone a week:-( Before he took off he and my mother gave me the best gift ever: A trip to New York in May!!! I love that city and can not imagine a better gift!
But I also got these beautiful little ones. I love jewellery from Abigail. I'm a happy girl now:-)

The collage here is for a calender I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. I thought I show each spread every month here. And if you feel like making your own calender join us at the 2008 calender swap!


Felicia said...


Miss*Laurence said...

I think France is the only country in the world where you just get an A4 piece of paper in the post for your degree/ Masters etc... No ceremony, no public recognition or anything like that.
I love the collage. I have a thing about white at the moment...

Gunnels blog said...

Gratulerar, både till examen och den fina examenspresenten! Din lilla gulliga januaribild ser ut som ett docksåp!


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