Sunday, January 6

What to hang?

I don't have much craft related matters to post about these days. But I do have some decisions to make about the wall paper for our living room. I have found these two 50s retro wall papers that I love and see potential in both.

This one is light brown with white, black and silver in it. Here I imagine one wall with this wall paper, the other wall are white. With a dark grey or brown couch and white or teak/Oak furniture.

This one is green in two different shades. I also imagine the other wall white for this one but here with a green couch in a linen fabric with mostly white and oak furniture. My mother only see this in the kitchen, but then she saw this a lot in her childhood. I love them both but the decision leans against the peacock eyes. What do you think?


Sara said...

Den översta var snyggast! Lättare kanske också med färgerna.. :)

Miss*Laurence said...

I like the 1st one best - I think it will be easier to accessorize the room and I like dark furniture in a light room!
The very pale green of the other one feels more "old fashioned" to me, it depends how retro you want to go!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the peacock eyed one too. Love those colours. Light brown with white, black and silver - a girl can't go wrong with this combination. What better background to highlight your creative colourful crafting?!


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