Friday, March 28

We are back!

Yesterday we came back from New York. What a great trip we had! I bought so much I'm a bit ashamed....I revisited my favourite American store anthropologie and bought some really cute things there! Here's a blog that's all about this store! We also bought a new camera, our new sweetheart,the Sony a350. We love it sooo much! It will take me some time to get to know it and learn how to take good pic but I'll enjoy learning!
Here's a dark picture on my new knitted boots:-)
Here's our darling ;-)

And here's a pic from Macy's flowers show. To see more pictures from our trip go here
I'll soon be posting picture from some stuff I'm making. if you feel up to a swap we could use some more participants in this swap group!

Now I have a lot of blog reading to do!:-)


Miss*Laurence said...

Love the paint pot!
I didn't get your email with your address today :-/ hope I'll get it soon.

Felicia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

Anonymous said...



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