Thursday, March 20

Going to New York!

I'm just in for a quick hello and to wish you all a happy Easter!
Tomorrow we are leaving for New York and are going to be gone until Thursday. I can't wait to do some shopping and to see the big apple again, I love that city!

Since I didn't have a ceramic Tuesday I thought I'd show you the latest things I've made: green peas in a pod! The two small ones have a hole in them to be hung on a thick steel wire and serve as a decoration in a flower pot or among your plants.
I might do some blogging from NY but if I don't I'll be back on Thursday to show all the pic from the trip and show some more things I've been working on lately!
Have a great week and an even better Easter!


Felicia said...

Enjoy your trip :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

I LOVE the pea pods !


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