Monday, February 16

two generations of rings sitting on my finger

so, my sweet little grandmother died two weeks ago. The funeral was beautiful and now we have the sorting of her stuff left to do. Among all the things we found were these rings. They are, from bottom up, my grandfathers ring, my grandmothers two rings and on top, a remake of my grandmothers parents wedding rings. So this is, two generations of rings from my fathers side of the family! I love looking down on my finger and seeing these little memoires of my grandparents. A lovely way to incorporate them into my daily life.
My grandmother took her parents ring and made them into one and that is what I'm going to do with hers. I'm going to melt them all three into one, with a little heart on. But first I had to take a picture!

Thank you, all! I've read all your comments and they made me smile! Love being back here again!


Gunnels blog said...

Hej Cecilia!
Så tråkigt att du din farmor har gått bort. Men jag tror att du har fina minnen. Jag tror att det kan bli en fin ring. En ring som jag lät göra till mig var tre ringar i ett som sitter ihop ivarandra, lite svårt att förklara, men du har nog sett dom, jag har en kopia av en Cartier ring (tror jag att de heter)

em said...

Vilka fina ringar! Och deras symboliska värde gör dem ju ännu mer unika.


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