Thursday, February 19

So last week was my birthday and on Valentines day we had the family over for a Thai- inspired dinner. We made spring rolls, dim sim, satay with peanut sauce! And for dessert, I whipped up some banana pancakes! Me like! Here are some pictures from that night!

This is the last picture from the night, and as you can see we had fun...
here's the dim sim's before they were stem cooked
Mr J making a little bundle of joy! (Yes, they were good)
Setting the table...we have a small kitchen and want a new one....
This was Picasso before the guest arrived. He was bored and was thinking he had the meanest cat parents in the whole wide world. Just cooking and cleaning instead of playing with him...
And here's one of my presents, candle sticks. The biggest present was from the whole family and it was a nice totally new bike! I have not had a new bike since I was seven, I think!

It was a good night!

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Felicia said...

Looks like a good time was had by all :)


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