Tuesday, January 16

In the midle of the Swedish woods

A couple of weeks ago me and my oldest girlfriend went up to her summer house for a weekend. We have been doing that since we were 14-15 years old. The house is located in the middle of the woods and has no neightbours close by!
Even though the weather was terrible we went for a long walk in the woods and I picked up some beautiful branches and bilberry sprigs. Out of the bilberry sprigs I made this heart that now hangs on our door and I put the branches in a vase, as lovely decoration!

Not the best picture...
The bilberry sprigs in water.
Half a heart...

This is not the house we lived in but a typical Swedish looking house, red with white corners.


caroline wickmark said...

Asså du e så himla fixig!

Cecilia said...

o ja! Känner du igen dig?!

maria said...

fint hjärta.


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