Monday, January 19

Me, myself and I

I've been tagged my emsanpemsan: So here comes 16 facts about me!

1. At the moment I feel like going in winter hibernation...staying in and reading books and decorating magazines sounds good to me!

2. I love my job at the moment!!

3. Even though I soon will turn 28...I love celebrating my birthday!! (11th of February)

4. I have a sense of humour well adapted to primary school (or maybe even kindergarten ;-)

5. I love Baileys (I am having a little glass as we speak)

6. I've been blogging for two years and now I don't have the inspiration to continue...

7. I love flickr!! Who wouldn't!

8. I live with the love of my life...

9....and together we have the messiest apartment...

10... but we love life like this!

11 My family is important to me

12 I have a father in heaven and a mother on earth

13 I'm thinking of starting another blog...

14 I have a cat named after the great painter Picasso

15 I have a chines sigh tattooed on my shoulder which means brush

16 We'll see about the blogging thing...


Gunnels blog said...

Nej du ibland kanman känna att man tappar lusten för att blogga och ibland är det kul igen ;-) Kul i alla fall att läsa om dig ! Men jag har satt en tagfree zon numer på mig.......

Du ser ut att ha haft en fin semester! Och jag håller med dig om flickr, det är min favorit också!

Karin said...

Jag hoppas du inte försvinner helt från bloggvärlden iallafall! Gillar din blogg!


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