Saturday, January 10

Malaysia part I

OK, we are back and have been since Tuesday. But I had to go to work only to return home with a strange illness. For two days I had a severe migraine and vomiting for 2 hours (sorry for the details) But today I feel better, a bit weak but OK. So, now and for a couple of days forward I'll show pictures from our trip!
We started our long flight from London, Heathrow wiht some nice sushi on a conveyor belt!
I like sushi!
On our first day in Kuala Lumpur with found a high tower to climb up in to see the city from above...
Before we went up in the tower we had to walk around in the Winter park they had. Hihi, this was so much fun and so very warm....Not at all like winter...:-)
Here's the view; Petronas twin towers that used to be the worlds largest buildings...We where never up in those, only in the mall that's located on the first four levels where there is a mall...
On our second day we went to Batu caves which is a Hindu temple located in a limestone cave. Very beautiful!

Going through these pictures makes me want to go back. It was all to short! And the stay in KL had us thinking of maybe moving there one day ( in the nearby future) Since we meet up with one of Mr J's colleagues. How is also Swedish but have lived and worked there for about two years now. We could both work there. We'll see about those plans...

More pictures tomorrow!


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memmu said...

I love your travel stories and the pictures are wonderful... please tell me more :)!

I bet you had a wonderful trip... I've never been that far east but sure would love to go. Someday. There's so much to see in the world!!!



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