Tuesday, January 13


The city I love and want to live in! It's a city you shop and eat in, my two favourite things!
Here's me and my mother walking the streets of Singapore.
We all took a trip to Sentosa Island, a man made island for the Singaporeans to come and relax!
here I am again..texting
We took a stroll in a Butterfly garden
the view from the cable cars to Sentosa Island, they are building a lot!

on our last day in Singapore I had the most delicious dumplings ever! It was little bits of heaving in my mouth...My mouths is watering just writing about them again...
I love shopping and eating...my next mission is to take photos of all the things I've bought!


Catrin said...

Hej Hej! Vad härligt ni ser ut att ha haft det, man blir ju hur avundsjuk som helst.... Hoppas att allt är bra annars. Kram Kram

Karin said...

Välkommen tillbaka! Verkar som ni haft det underbart!


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