Wednesday, April 15

I've been sewing and not showing

I've been sewing and not showing you. That's because I haven't really had a plan with my sewing, just been doing it for the fun of it!
So, I made new place maths for the kitchen, they are matching my fabric wreath
And with some inspiration from SouleMama, I made a bread bag lined with linen. I gave the bag to my mother and she have tried it. It works better with a linen bag, it keeps the bread crispier!

While I took the pictures he's been sleeping like this all the time...
Lastly, I made these easy bags to contain all my bits and bobs here in my craft room
Now I'm working on a free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls, it's going to be a book bag. We'll see when I show it here! Have a good Wednesdays!


Jeannette said...

You´ve been busy! Would love to have a breadbag like that.
And look at your cute cat.....they always find the best places to sleep.

Karin said...

Väldigt fina saker! Tycker speciellt om tygkorgarna på den sista bilden. Och så kan jag meddela att jag också är lite kär i medaljongtyget från panduro, jag kanske får gå och köpa lite av det snart...


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