Tuesday, April 28

red summer shoes and plans

So, today I haven't been sewing. Only been running errands to the bank and other less fun places. But I also had some time to buy me some new summer shoes and that was a a lot of fun!

But last Tuesday I was sewing and I haven't had the time to show you that yet! I had my first try on a pocket book cover. This summer I plan to read a lot of books, mostly in English (tell you more about that an other day) So, I thought that a pocket book cover would come in handy!

I still have some minor changes to do and some straight sewing to learn...can you see the seams? But there will be more of these!
We'll be going away tomorrow for a funeral and I'll be back this weekend again. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Hej caecilia, Vilka snygga skor du har köpt! Karm från Catrin

Karin said...

Jättefint bokfodral! Och själv tycker jag att raka sömmar är överskattat! :D

Amara said...

Your red shoes are absolutely adorable and super cute. Love to have a pair of them.


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