Saturday, May 16

Green is good too

Green is my second best colour!
Making these collages I've been looking through my old photos and it's fun! I made some pretty things back then in in beginning of flickr days.
I feel like making ATC's again and other paper collages. It's a long time since I last made some.

Tomorrow we are going to have a loppis (flea market) as they say in Swedish. So, it's out with the old and in with some new old...

I'll be back tomorrow!

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Harley Dee said...

I love green too :) I received my FAA-Green parcel today and just wanted to say thank you so much. Everything about it is lovely.

I'm not able to do many 3-partner swaps anymore due to hours being cut at work. But if you ever want to do a private swap, I'd be more than happy to swap with you :)

Harley (hayatiggs on swap-bot)


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