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the tail about the cat picasso

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There once was a little kitty called...Picasso. Who live with his human mother and father. He liked them very much, or so it appeared.
But every once in a while he made them both very very angry to the point were they were willing to give him away!
Once there was the time when he was very tiny and climbed a tall tree and fell down. They had to take him to the vet.
The vet said that nothing was broken, just a bit sore. For that Picasso's parents had to pay a lot of money.

Then there was a warm spring evening when the birds sang extra high. All of the sudden Picasso was gone. His mother looked for him, his grandmother looked for him, Yes, even his cat cousins (that didn't even like him) looked for him. But he was nowhere to be found....
Until the next day. He sat in an even higher tree, not far from his grandmothers house. The birds had protected their babies by dropping their excrement on him, all night long. Even this time his mother forgave him and let him in the house again.

As every good story has three main events, so does this. There was a third time when Picasso had the urge to once again climb a high tree. He always fell for those high trees that he could not climb down again. But this time his mother was smart. Though, she know that if she once again came to the little kittens rescue, he would never learn how to climb down these high trees.
So, then the little kitty for the third time was missing. The smart mother located the little kitty by following the sounds of shouting birds. When she saw the cat high up in the tree, she simply just said: Now you come down here! Or you can sit there and think about what you have done!
The little cat looked with surprise on his mother. He had been sure that she would climb up the tree to take him down. But all she did was walk way!

The mother came back home and sat down to have her dinner. The mother and father talked had had a quiet night. It was not until very late that same night, that the little kitten somehow made his way down that high tree. And once again he could spend the night with his mother and father again.

I wish I could say that this story has a happy ending. But something tells me that the little kitten is going to climb a tree once again.

Hope it made you laugh because this is a true story!

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Jeannette said...

Picasso is really something....
I just love the pictures of him on Flickr sleeping. He´s a cutie!
Have a great weekend, Jeannette


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