Thursday, May 28

I'm back!

yes, I'm back both from the trip and from the computerless world! And I have the most pretty little thing in my lap, a new Macbook! There is still some things that I have to learn and get used to but I love it!
Before I show you all the pictures from our London trip I thought I'd show some things I made long before my computer died. I've made myself two new bags! The dotted one is made with a scrap from a retro fabric I bought from superbuzzy a long time ago. The green and linen bag is from a FQ I got in a swap from Nicole/suessstoff in a PIF-swap!
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Karin said...

Fina väskor! Och den lilla "duken" i mitten var också superfin, härliga färger! För att svara på din senaste fråga så vore det toppen om du ville rekommendera mig till FAA-gruppen! Och en grupp för svenskar låter toppen, jag försökte gå med i en "swedish swappers" grupp men den verkar inte så aktiv...


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