Sunday, October 24

Good afternoon,

I'm still here and I have been thinking. I read this post and it hit me, this is exactly what has happened to me. I let Facebook take to much in my internet activity and it sucked all creativity out of me. it is also through that post I discovered So Now I'm setting up an account over there. So the lesson of the week is, spend less time on facebook and you will have more time to other networking activities. (I know it's obvious)

As an result of my learned lesson me and the husband went out for a photo-day, with the theme: Movement. and we took lots of photos! Perhaps I will have the time to show them to you later this week!

The up-coming week I will have more time to create and to put together two swap parcels. I have two new knitting projects that I have to finish before it gets really cold over here. So, in total I think this blogging for creativity is working for me. It would help even more if I knew who I was blogging for, do I have any readers?


Anonymous said...

jag läser ibland cecilia =)


Cessan said...

Hej, trevligt att du läser!

Maria said...

Jag läser, fast inte dagligen :-)


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