Thursday, October 28

Good day or should I say Goddag, my dear blog readers,
I can see that I have Swedish readers perhaps more than English (speaking)readers. Should I perhaps write in my native language instead of English?
I started this blog three years ago, when I had just come home from a year in New Zealand and my English was better and sharper. So, it was natural for me to write and read in English. But over the years, I finished my studies in Swedish and now only work and read Swedish. What do you think, more posts written in Swedish?

I have promised some picture of the creative life I have started again. This is a finished collage one a theme I started two years ago, you can see it here and here. I even sold one of them. And now I have tow more one their way to be finished.

I also have a big project going on. We are buying a new sofa and I still think that the old one is OK, but once a pone a time it was white. Now, not so much. I have decided that I want to sew a new cover for it, with a little inspiration from this.

I have my hands full for a while now! Thank you for commenting and have a nice weekend!


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Maria said...

För min del spelar språket ingen roll. På vilka bloggar läser och kommenterar du mest? För det är kanske de som kommer att hitta hit och om du mest läser svenska bloggar kanske du ska skriva på svenska, och om det mest är engelskspråkiga så kanske du väljer det? En tanke bara :)


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