Wednesday, November 3

Gothenburg was great, one well needed break. I did some shopping and eat great food. And knitting, I knitted on the train and are now on a good way to finish my second eternity scarf/circle scarf/ or what ever you call them.
While I was knitting in the weekend I noticed that my nail-polish matched the yarn, I thought this was hilarious and had to take a picture (or tell Jan to take a picture). I'ts not the first time I take pictures of my knitting matching my yarn, this is a picture from knitting the first scarf in march. I think this will be a new theme in my knitting, nail-polish and matching knitting
So, at the moment I'm knitting a lot. What are you doing? Maria over at the blog Milly and Molly have a themed Wednesday share your creative endeavours of that day!

Have a great evening!

1 comment:

maria said...

Matchning med nagellacket, häftigt :D


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