Sunday, December 23

"Little Christmas eve"

It's getting closer and closer to the big day and we are hammering and painting away in our new place so the Christmas spirit has not yet gotten to us. But I thought that I'd show all the lovely Christmas cards that I have been getting these last couple of days. Thank you all!
Today is called little Christmas eve here in Sweden, it's the day before the day. To night we are going home to my mother and decorating the "real" tree and pre-tasting the food. Today is both a sad and a happy day, today is my fathers birthday but he's been dead for exactly ten yeas this year and this is usually the time of year when I miss him the most. Since he died we always make sure the whole family is together and celebrate him and that we do something fun together. And decorating the tree or going to the cinema is what we have done these last years.
I don't think I'll ever stop having these mixed feelings about Christmas but I know that making new traditions and being to getter with those I love the most will make this holiday good!
I'm wishing you all a good Sunday filled with good feelings and happy people!

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