Sunday, December 2

The first Sunday off December

Advent, when I was a child we used to get a little gift every Sunday in December my mother would each year make a different advent calender. That to me was an indicator of a special event. Today the whole family was gathered at the hospital to visit my grandmother who's ill at the moment. Even though the event is sad I could see how happy she was that we all were there and that kind of made me happy. In this crazy moth off December there is little to no chance that we all are going to be in the same spot again. The whole family gathered is today an indicator of a special event. Let's just hope that we are all going to celebrate the end off December the same way we did today, with the exception of the location. I don't want to have Christmas in the hospital...

A different and a little weird post this time...but happy first off advent to you all!

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