Thursday, December 13

Winter matchbox swap!

Still no pictures of our Christmas tree! I know that I'm nagging constantly about these dark days and that you would think that since I've lived here all my life that I would be used to it. But no... yesterday I had a screaming migraine all day and I'm sure it was from lack of daylight! But I managed to take some photos of my latest swap (and last for while) the winter matchbox swap for swap-bot. If I place the object close to the windows it's possible to have ok shots...


Miss*Laurence said...

Thanks for visiting me again! Your blog is always so restful and calm, I love the cool matchboxes, and the lovely fabric mushroom too. I really must learn to use white more in my work, it is so refreshing and stylish.
Have a great time!

Felicia said...

Wow! what a beautiful matchbox.


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