Wednesday, June 25

Mail goodies!

Some days I don't know what to post about and most of those days I don't post. Today was such a day, but when I came home from having lunch with Mr J and found another parcel for me from my FAA lucky parcel partner( By the way Karin, I think the FAA stands for Fabric addicts anonymous). I thought I could post about the joy of not always getting bills in the mail!

Here's the last fruit parcel I received today. This means no more mail parcels until late August...
Even though I not a Hello Kitty fan, there was lost of cute things in this parcel, the little rubber stamps was a favourite! The FAA lucky parcels group is a private group but there are lots of other groups over on flickr and swap-bot and I would be more than happy to start a new group if anyone is interested?


hautemommy said...

Ooooh how fun!! Don't you just love getting the mail and finding something fun in there?! :) Can't wait to see where you are going on "vacation"!!! xoxox

Jodi said... the goodies! I saw another blog (by chez larsson) with mention of this swap. Is it a private or public one? Anywho - love the apple goodies!!!

Cecilia said...

HI Jodi!
It's a private group over on flickr. Maybe you could write to the group administer and ask to join. I think if you have a profile on Swap-bot there's a possibility to join in.
Never hurts to ask!?


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