Tuesday, June 24

Home from Gotland

We are back from a beautiful trip to Gotland, an island here in Sweden. We celebrated midsummer/summer solstice there and had lovely weather and a great time! In the mean time there has been a travelling feast here in blogland and I have had lots of visitors here! Thank you all for commenting, I'm trying to get around to everyone and see their part of the world!

This is a long stone ship from circa 500 AD, Gotland has lots of these all over. This was placed in a field with horses!
Here I'm standing by the ring wall that goes all around the town, Visby. It's from around the 12th century!
This is a rauk which is a Swedish word for a stone column created by natural erosion, many of the rauks in Fårö have been eroded into unusual shapes.
This was the only bad weather we had the whole weekend and it never got any closer. But it gave us a beautiful view!

Now you got a second view of what my country looks like! There are a lot of beautiful places here and I would love to see more of my own country but I also love to travel. That why it's so good that another friend blogger of mine is having this: Let's go on vacation! on Thursday! You can travel without leaving your place in front of the computer!

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