Thursday, June 12

Let the crafting begin!

My first morning and I feel re-born:-) I got up at 9 had some breakfast in front of the tv...(that's a thing that will have to change) and then I sat at the computer listening to this while I added photos to flickr and looked through my emails. And this is what I've been doing since then: I'm starting to put the second swap parcel together for the FAA lucky parcel swap Red & aqua. Look at the ribbon with the ducks! Isn't it cute!
And laying out things that look good together for the summer chunky pages. I've used a cut up noa noa catalogue as a background and the theme is summer vacation ...
These are going up on the walls in the bedroom when they are finished. It's the same catalogue pictures in a larger format. I have an idea in my head on how they are going to look when they are finished, we'll see if I'll ever get there. This is the hardest part of the collaging process, but then I guess that every art project is somehow hard before you get to where you want to be.
I'm just rambling...

But speaking of vacation I going to take part in this little blog -get-together over on mommy holly's blog. It's about your dream vacation and about getting there without really going there:-) She explains is much better than I do! Go over there!

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hautemommy said...

Yay, glad you are going on "vacation" with us! And you look like a busy woman! That duck ribbon is the CUTEST!! :) xo!


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