Friday, June 13

Friday the thirteenth!

This is the second time having this blog that I use Friday the thirteenth as a post title! Maybe this is not such a good day to be listing new items on etsy? Well, well I did it anyway! So here they are, the much talked about apple pincushions with an apple tag and apple buttons!

Pink, for those who like that!
White and red, my favourite!
The red & aqua, also a favourite combo!
Or the sour green apple with a twist of liquorice!

I'm still working on adding my esty to the blog side bar....

Have a nice weekend!

1 comment:

Karin said...

åh vad fina saker! om jag inte precis tillverkat en egen nåldyna så skulle jag beställa en av de gröna! förresten måste jag fråga en sak om alla dessa söta swaps du deltar i: vad betyder FAA? *borta* ha det bra! /karin


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