Thursday, August 21

Eye candy for you!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my collages! I had a question if I'm going to sell them and yes I'm thinking of putting them up in my etsy shop. But that won't happen until next week.

Picasso had his first encounter with the ourdoors and I think he liked it. I little too much perhaps. He is going to be an indoor cat and to be let on on a leash. He is also getting better and better on jumping up on high heights, like the kitchen counter which is bad...

Since I'm back to working again I haven't done anything creative yet but I have been glaring at different online stores. I especially liked the Danish shop Greengate I would love to get me some pillows and quilted blankets! since I'm in Fall mood, I really fell for these clothes from Wikstenmade! I don't think they are out in shop just yet...
And this new
catalogue is also great eye candy!

Tomorrow is Friday, maybe I'll stop by!

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Gunnels blog said...

Ja det tycker jag absolut att du ska göra! Vet du jag har satt upp min etsy shop nu :-) Titta på min blogg!
Fina länkar, fick lite inspiration


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