Monday, August 18

Finally the collages are ready!

Four out of five collages are finally ready but I can't upload them all today since blogger is not collaborating...Here are the two first ones called mållös (dumbfounded in English) and Bedragen (deceived) they are all inspired by love gone wrong somehow...I thought it was such a fun theme! I'm now thinking of making ATC's in the same theme:-)

There is Swedish text incorporating in the collages and I have to find a way to show that better in the photos. I'm really pleased with the result and love that the texts I found was so ironic and a bit bitchy:-) I'm definitely find a way to show you them all and maybe in a bigger picture!!
Now I'm off to a concert with a Swedish band called Svenska Academin!!

See yo more tomorrow!

1 comment:

Gunnels blog said...

Jag tycker så mycket om dina collage Cecilia! Både humoristiska och charmiga


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